Friday, April 30, 2010

Why I can never be a “Belieber” or a Twi-Hard.

Today's guest post is from Two Non Blondes. The Two Non Blondes started commenting here a while back and then I started commenting over there and since I've felt like I've found another two bloggers who I can easily relate to. I mean they have a regular feature post called Shoesday Tuesday. How could they not be my kindred spirits? So I am very excited that they agreed to write a guest post while I honeymoon it up. With that, the Two Non Blondes:


So maybe we are just getting old but recently there have been trends and people and whatnot that I just don’t understand. I feel like I am missing something and my life will not be complete and happy sunshiny rainbows until I get it. What trends am I talking about? Well, I’m so glad you asked:

Vampires: Holy crap. Vamps are everywhere. And not just Twilight-emo-sparkly-vamps. No, there are vamps for every demographic. You have overly-dramatic-love-triangle-teenage-vampires on the Vampire Diaries. You have sexually-explicit-civil-war-era-Cajun-hick-vampires on True Blood. There Is even a wine called Vampire (Actually, I totally get the Vampire wine. It’s delicious.). Now don’t get me wrong. I read every single one of those damn Twilight books even though every single character annoys the crap out me. I mean, seriously, what couple sits around talking about their feelings nonstop? What a beating. But I kept reading and reading and getting more and more annoyed until I finished the whole series. And now? You better believe I am there standing in the stupid line to see the stupid movies and I still don’t know why. And True Blood? I have True Blood watching parties at my house! I can’t get enough of that damn Sookie Stackhouse and her terrible accent. I guess this really isn’t a new trend though. I mean, who can forget the original Buffy, or the Lost Boys (I am still mourning Corey’s death), Interview with a Vampire, or Fright Night? I watched all of these with fervor when I was a kid so maybe vamps are now embedded in our hearts.

iPad: Isn’t this just a giant iPhone that can’t make calls? If they had made the big one first, wouldn’t everyone now be scrambling to get the one you can put in your pocket? And do we even have to talk about the awful Kotex-inspired name for this machine? Gross.

Bieber Fever: Last week I read an article in People and learned, to no surprise that Justin Bieber is 10 years old. Kidding, I think he is old enough to drive, but he probably needs the use of a booster seat. I mean, this kid looks like he could be the 4th member of the Chastity Choir known as the Jonas Brothers. Nick, Joe, and I think there is a third one. We will call him Curly. When I was young, the pop-star singing sensations were way easier on the eyes. Easier in the sense that anyone over 16 caught with a poster of the guy in their room would be accused of pedophilia. What happened to the *real* teenage boy singing sensations? The ones who you secretly wanted to be caught in a dark alley or backseat of your car with? The ones who would know what to *do* in the back seat of a car. NKOTB? OK, I was like 5, but who cares. NSync? My world revolved around JT. Have you seen the beat box solo from the Live From Madison Square Garden DVD? Swoon. You can borrow my copy. Now JT is a Popstar I can get behind. Or in front of. Whatever he prefers. How Justin Bieber got Ludacris to do a cameo on his song is beyond me. Although I will admit that I found his SNL skit with Tina Fey amazing, but I am determined not to be charmed by a 16 year-old boy who looks like he’s 12. Because that’s just plain wrong. And sick.



Your old, confused and determined not to come down with a case of Bieber Fever friends at Two Non Blondes.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Sole Sisters

Today's guest post is from Michele of PR Moonlighting. Michele and I met about 2 1/2 years ago. Though it seems like I've known her a lot longer than that. She is one of the few people who I can honestly say is a kindred spirit. And although she left me for our dream city a few short months after we met, we stay in touch the usual ways of the 21st century: through our blogs, Twitter and Facebook. She's more into baking than I am, so much so that she took a cake decorating class. But I love to drool over the photos of her cakes and cupcakes. Speaking of which, she has a cupcake business called Couture Cupcakes so check her out at her web site or Couture Cupcakes on Facebook and buy some cupcakes because they are really effin fantastic. Seriously. (She didn't ask me to say that. It's my honest to goodness opinion.) With that, Michele:


Michele here from PR Moonlighting. Becky was kind enough to ask me to fill in for a day while she's sunning herself in lovely Jamaica. Despite returning from the Caribbean a few weeks ago, I can't help but be a little envious.

I struggled thinking about what to write. I thought about sharing how Becky met John, but she's already done that. I thought about discussing how we met, but Becky's already covered that too. So, here are just a few more facts about why Becky and I totally hit it off.

Just to recap: We met at a
PRSA industry lunch. Typical conversation ensued, Becky mentioned she lived in Boston during her grad school years. Ironically, I was moving to Boston a few months later. It was fate that brought us together.


Becky and I both love shoes. But love doesn't quite capture it for us. No, it's more like a PASSION (or an addiction, similar to crack.) Our conversations usually revolve around shoes and sending pictures of our latest scores. And both of us don't think twice when we're plopping down a significant chunk of change to get that
perfect shoe for the perfect occasion. Becky and I are definitely sole sisters.

Guitar Hero

When we get together, we jam on the guitar. She's got all the good
GH games too - the ones on PS2 that you can't get with Xbox or Wii. She and I can play that for hours and it could be the closest we get to nerding out like our video-game loving SOs.


This is an easy one. It's what our friendship was founded on. A love of all things Boston: the
Red Sox, the Barking Crab, Newbury St., the Commons. You name it, if it comes from Boston, we love it. When Becky and John came to visit last summer, Becky showed me some of her old stomping grounds that were new to me. Just another thing to love about Boston.


It's not just that Becky and I connected, it's also that our SOs are practically twins. They share a love of all things
video game, BSG and Syfy Channel. I know that if I ever need to vent about video games, Becky feels my pain. :)

There are thousands of other reasons why Becky and I are friends, but those are a few. So, to my BFF4E, my Sister of Sole, congratulations! I love you both, and I couldn't be happier for you.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The good news is I have one less friend to buy a gift for at Christmas

Today's guest post is from Shaun Glenn from is it 5 o'clock yet? I first stumbled across Shauna's blog from a post from Tim Rogers at Frontburner touting the best new local writer and pointed us to this post - one of my personal favorites of Shauna's. Since then I have followed her blog faithfully as I adore her writing and have had the distinct pleasure to meet Shauna in person. Shauna is a writer first and foremost and you can find her craft in many places, including Aiming Low, a web site with contributions from a group of women, moms, bloggers, friends and writers. With her permission, here is one of her classic Aiming Low posts:


There are some things I can't do in public.
Like poop. For real. I don’t know what it is about public pooping that scares me, but I simply cannot do it. So knowing that about me I try and plan my life/activities around pooping so that I can move freely throughout each day without the fear of being in Target and needing to go. It doesn’t always work.Just the other day I was having lunch with a friend when I felt a familiar rumbling in my stomach. I started to panic. My whole body tensed up and a wave of heat washed over me. I quickly surveyed the situation, trying to figure out my options. I realized I had only one REAL option. I had to get out of there… and FAST. I turned to my girlfriend who (I didn’t know until just then because I was so preoccupied with my poop issue) was going into detail about her dog’s grooming habits (apparently he licks himself until his skin falls off–seemed like a perfectly good time to exit if you ask me). “I hate to do this but I have to leave.” “What? But you haven’t touched your food.” I looked at my plate. This was true. Dilemma number 2. Did I take the time to get a to-go box and risk shitting my pants? Or did I cut my losses and flee. Oh universe, thou art a wicked whore. Just then my belly cramped and I felt like I needed to… you know…. fart. Food situation–decided. “You take it home with you. I’ll eat something later.” “But where are you going?” “Home. I have to go to the bathroom.” She looked confused. And *I* am dying to sit on the potty. In my house. “There’s a bathroom HERE!” “Um, yeah, I know. But I have to *go* to the bathroom. And I can’t do that in public.” “Oh my god, you’re so ridiculous. GO TO THE BATHROOM ALREADY!” Um, Hi Everyone At The Highly Popular Lunch Spot Which Is Wall To Wall People Right Now Who Are All Staring At Me. Enjoy Your Caesar Salad. I leaned in closer. “Have you just MET me? I don’t poop in public. I physically can not *do* it.” At that moment, she got up from her seat and grabbed me by the elbow and WALKED ME TO THE BATHROOM. She opened the door, shoved me inside and said, “Go before I kill you. You’re driving me insane and my soup is getting cold.” The door closed and I turned around to see that there was only one stall. One. Which meant if someone needed to go while I was in there they were going to have to wait for me to finish. My stomach rumbled again. If I didn’t do something fast I would have to worry less about pooping in public and more about how I was going to get out of there without anyone noticing I’d shit my pants. So… I did what I had to do. But just so you know, I wasn’t happy about it. After a few minutes I opened the door to find 4 women waiting to use the bathroom. I haven’t spoken to my *friend* since. Asshole.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Tropical Style

Today's guest post is from Jennifer at A Home in the Making. I actually met Jennifer in graduate school in Boston, and she is one of my closest friends. Her style has always inspired me. Her personal style, her creativity and the projects she takes on, her ideas for decorating a house. Incredibly inspirational. So when I started thinking about who I could ask to guest blog while I honeymoon it up, Jennifer was a natural choice. With that, Jennifer:


I'll admit it right off the bat. I'm completely jealous of Becky. I would love to be in a tropical location this week.

Sun shining, margarita in hand, and my only worry being how long it's been since I've rolled over. But like most of you, I'm not in the tropics this week. So it got me thinking, wouldn't it be nice if life was a little more *tropical*?

Since a large part of my blog focuses on d├ęcor and inspiration, I’m going to give you some easy, quick and inexpensive ideas for bringing the tropics home and helping your house feel a little more Caribbean vacation-like.

First, grab a margarita. Obviously.

Second, try to stay away from tropical kitsch. Please.

You want to obtain a fun, tropical vacation feel. Not tourist-gone-awry feel. Just sayin.

So what can you add to your home to get the tropical vibe?

Pillows are the easiest, and one of my favorite, way to update your home – whether you make or buy them. How do you get that tropical vibe with pillows? Bright, fun colors, which are perfect this time of year anyway, are an instant way to add a little punch and fun update.

Lanterns set a fantastic ambiance. They instantly set a romantic, tropical mood. And who couldn't use more of that in their life?

Could Go buy a few tropical plants and you’ll be instantly transported to the tropics.

Pull it all together, and you get tropical and relaxing.

Ah, perfection. Now I'm off to make a margarita. You have to start somewhere, right?

Monday, April 26, 2010


Today's guest post comes from Shelley Senai of The Spotted Duck. I started following Shelley on Twitter pretty much solely because she lives in Boston (or lived, she's since moved outside city limits but lucky her she's still nearby). Then I found her blog, and I found a kindred spirit. We're both sarcastic overachievers, book worms and love to cook, and of course, eat. So when she got engaged, I was eager to see how she would plan her wedding. I wasn't disappointed as she inspired me several ways in my own planning. With that, Shelley:


Hello, readers of Becky Mochaface. My name is Shelley, and I have my own blog over at Becky asked me to supply her with a guest post for when she's away on her honeymoon, and I was more than happy to help her out.

Becky and I are what you would call virtual friends. We've never met in person but somehow we got connected on Twitter and have been following each other's blogs and reading each others tweets ever since. Becky is always one of the first people to comment on my blog posts, and I appreciate her support so much, I wanted to show her some blog love in return.

Although, to be fair, I'm not really sure what keeps her coming back to my blog. Kind of like the "Pilot" in Seinfeld, it's really a blog about nothing. Well, maybe I'm selling myself a bit short. It's about nothing in *particular.* Just my life, what I'm thinking about, what I'm cooking.

For awhile there, I wouldn't shut up about weddings. Like Becky, I recently got married. My wedding was back in September to my high school sweetheart. Being engaged was, honestly? One of the most stressful periods of my life. But it forced me to grow. A lot. And I learned a ton about myself. Amazing how major life events do that to you.

Anyways, the wedding day was beautiful. Special. Amazing. Perfect? No. Of course not. But I had prepared myself for that fact. And in hindsight, I'm amazed how much went truly *right*. And it was all worth it anyway for the end reward which is, of course.... the honeymoon!

What, you thought I was going to say "getting to spend the rest of your life with the person you love," didn't you? I mean, fine. Yeah. That too. But the honeymoon is the ultimate reward. In the week before the wedding, when your head is swimming with the most minute of details, it's all you can do to tell yourself, "In one week, we'll be in ___ and I can turn my brain off for awhile."

My husband and I (saying that is feeling more and more natural. But trust me, Becky, it will feel weird for awhile to call him your husband) were fortunate to honeymoon in Hawaii, on the island of Kauai. If you ever get a chance to visit Kauai - jump at it. It is the least touristy of all the Hawaiian islands but one of the most beautiful! Gah, it was great. I miss honeymooning. I'm definitely jealous of our friend Becks in Jamaica right about now.


So, I guess I'll be wrapping up about now. Guest posts are an interesting breed of blog posts, aren't they? One I'm sure I haven't mastered yet. My favorite guest posts are the ones that give you a taste of what the guest writers own writing style is like, and well, now that I'm reading back over what I've written, fruitlessly searching for neat and tidy way to wrap this up... maybe I'm not so bad at it after all. I did somehow manage to write a whole post about, basically, nothing.

Saturday, April 24, 2010


Today I'll get my hair curled,
Don a white dress and do a twirl.
Today I'll take a walk with my dad,
And leave behind the name for years I've had.

Today I'll take the hand of the man I love,
Joining my life to his come push or shove.
Today my eyes'll shine and my smile'll be bright,
Cause I've got a feeling it's going to be a good night.

Today I'll be surrounded by family and friends,
Full of love and support until the very end.
Today I get a new title, that called wife,
And gain a partner for this game called life.

Today my darling fiance becomes my darling husband,
The love of my life who proposed this journey with a diamond.
Today I am the luckiest woman in the world,
For I love and am loved in return.


Here's the video we played at our rehearsal dinner last night:

John and Becky from Becky Mochaface on Vimeo.

Friday, April 23, 2010


So, yeah, I'm getting married tomorrow (SQUEEEE!!!!!), and then we will be going to Jamaica for our honeymoon.

I'm even leaving my laptop at home. Naturally this means I will not be blogging while we're honeymooning it up.

But, I have lined up some awesome guest bloggers. So make sure you come back next week and show them some comment love because they're did me a great favor by writing an extra post on top of what they do for their blogs.

Also, I've got a special post planned for tomorrow. And by planned I mean I wrote it earlier this week and it's scheduled to go live Saturday morning.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Calming Myself

Every time my stomach starts to flutter and I feel a little nerves, I try to remember these pictures:

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Hump Day Humor: Wedding Bloopers

Since Saturday is W Day, I thought it would be appropriate for today's Hump Day Humor video to be wedding bloopers. If only to remind me, that if anything like this happens Saturday, to laugh.

ANSWER - Tuesday Trivia: Anatomy

What part of the human anatomy has more sweat glands than any other?

The sole of the foot. Each foot has about 3,000 sweat glands per square inch, for a total of approximately 250,000. The palms of our hands also have about 3,000 sweat glands per square inch, but cover a smaller surface area.

Congratulations to Two Non Blondes for being the first to get the correct answer!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

LOST S6ep13

Before we get to the episode, since I'm honeymooning it up next week and am leaving my laptop at home (GASP!), I will not be able to get my recap up immediately following the episode. Heck, I probably won't even get to see it. I don't know if I'll do a catch up post or not. So don't get your panties in a wad.


Island World
Jack is incredibly disturbed at MIB in John Locke's body. A secret meeting with Jack is requested by MIB/UnLocke/Smokey and he grudgingly goes with where Jack asks a question that has clearly been bothering him since the beginning. Was the Christian Jack saw way back right after they crash really Smokey?

Claire is spying on them because she wants a brotherly/sisterly chat with Jack.

Zoe stalks into camp demanding the return of Desmond and threatens to bomb their camp. Only MIB/UnLocke/Smokey is not phased and welcomes the start to the war and makes a big speech and talks to Sawyer about getting a boat and meeting him at a certain point. Jack sits back and observes all.

Sawyer pulls Jack aside and lets him in on his deal with Widmore and instructs him to grab Sun, Frank and Hurley and no one else. Jack is dubious about Sayid and Claire. Sawyer dismiss them as Sayid the Zombie and Claire the Nutjob. And Jack's face says but my new sister!

MIB/UnLocke/Smokey instructs Sayid to kill Desmond. So he goes to the well and admits that MIB/UnLocke/Smokey has promised to return Nadia to him if Sayid does his bidding. Desmond asks him what he'll tell her when she asks what he did to get her back.

Jacks pulls aside Sun, Frank and Hurley and runs off in another direction to meet up with Sawyer. Only Claire watches them and she does not look pleased, especially considering how she pulled a gun on all of them. Kate promises to take her back to Aaron and insists that the person she calls John is not John Locke. Claire gets on the boat with a warning: He finds out we're gone, he's going to be mad.

Jack gives Sawyer Locke's old party line: they're meant to do something on the Island and it doesn't feel right to leave it. Sawyer insists he get off the boat so he jumps overboard.

Jack washes up on the beach with MIB/UnLocke/Smokey and his gang and admits that Sawyer tooks MIB/UnLocke/Smokey's boat.

Sawyer and his gang wash up on Hydra Island and run into Zoe and her gang. Jin and Sun finally have their reunion. It was sweet. I guess. Sun got her English back and Jin makes a promise I think may be hard for him to keep: that they'll never be apart again.

Zoe orders them all on their knees and takes them hostage as they star blowing up MIB/UnLocke/Smokey's camp. MIB/UnLocke/Smokey saves Jack and reassures him that everything is going to be okay because Jack is with him now.

Flash Sideways
Ben and Locke are in an ambulance after Desmond hit Locke with his car. At the hospital they run into Jin and Sun who was shot in her gut the last we saw her.

Detective Hot Stuff Sawyer interrogates Kate and theorizes on the coincidence of them being on the same flight, meeting up in the elevator and then Kate crashing into his car. Miles pulls Sawyer away from their flirtation to fill him in on the kitchen scene with Jin, Sun and Sayid.

Claire on her way to an appointment with an adoption agency runs into Desmond still on his mission to make the Losties aware that they are in the wrong world. He convinces her to meet Ilana, a lawyer friend of his to help her with the adoption. The same Ilana who went BOOM last week. Apparently Ilana has been looking for Claire.

Sayid runs back to Nadia's to pack his bags but Miles shows up. So Sayid sneaks out the back only to trip over a garden hose Sawyer has stretched out.

Jack and his son David go to hear Christian's will being read at Ilana's office and is introduced to his little sister Claire. As he reels from the news that he has a sister, he gets a call from his hospital.

Sun comes out of her surgery fine and their baby is good too.

Jack operates on Locke.

Tuesday Trivia: Anatomy

Tuesday Trivia is a weekly post of interesting trivia questions. Leave a comment with your answer, or best guess, and come back tomorrow to see if you were right. Happy guessing!


What part of the human anatomy has more sweat glands than any other?

Monday, April 19, 2010


This is it. The week of the wedding. What I've worked more than nine months to organize and plan.

I am slightly anxious. Not about the getting married part. But more that it'll be as awesome as the vision in my head. I'm sure it will, but the nerves I still has.

People have asked me if I'm ready for it to be over. It's actually not a simple answer.

On one hand, I am ready for it to be here. I am ready to move on to the next phase of my life. The next project - which will hopefully be updating our kitchen. I am ready to lie on a beach in Jamaica with my book in one hand and a margarita in the other. But most of all, I am ready to be married.

On the other, I have enjoyed the last nine plus months. Sure it's been incredibly stressful at times, even overwhelming. It hasn't always been easy, and I may or may not have broken down more than once. But I have really enjoyed it... the planning, the creativity, the special moments with my mom and/or dad. I enjoyed being a bride. And after Saturday I will no longer be a bride, which makes me a little sad.

So the end to our wedding journey - as almost all the ends of chapters of my life have been - is a bit bittersweet, as I look forward to the next phase/project but am sad to see the end of the previous one.

Friday, April 16, 2010

April is my favoritest month

It's bluebonnet season in Texas. Bluebonnets are our state flower.

And thanks to Lady Bird Johnson's efforts towards nature conservation and beautification of our roadways, every April fields upon fields along roads, highways and interstates in this state erupt in a sea of blue for a few weeks.

It is breathtaking.

April is my favoritest month for these very views (and one of the times of year I desperately missed Texas when I was living in Boston). It played a small part in my desire to get married in April.

This year they first started blooming about a week/week-and-a-half ago. I'm hoping they last another week as I really want my out-of-state friends to see how gorgeous it can be here when they come into town for our wedding.

Thursday, April 15, 2010


Ever since we moved into our house last June, we've had these plants in our back yard and along the back fence in the alley behind our house. Not being a botanist, I had no idea what they were. They were just green leaves, or fronds, or something, that most of the year looked really sad because they bent towards the ground.

I was beginning to wonder if they were like that year round.

Then a few weeks ago, I noticed they looked straighter and taller than they had been all year. And finally, just this week, they bloomed.

I'm still not impressed with them. But I won't let DF commit plantricide until after they're done blooming.

I mean I waited this frakkin long before we literally mow them down, a couple more weeks won't hurt.

Of course I'm also making him wait because once we mow them down we're going to have great big empty spots in our yard that will need something else in its place and I've got the opposite of a green thumb (would that be a red thumb? green middle finger?). I have grand dreams of beautiful gardens but have zero ideas for what to put in my garden and little motivation to keep it up.

I'll worry about it in May.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Hump Day Humor: Chemistry

Total nerd humor. But, whatevs, I'm a nerd. I'll admit it.

From Cary.

ANSWER - Tuesday Trivia: Crosswords

What five-letter word was the answer to the first clue in the first crossword puzzle ever published in the U.S.? Hint: The clue was "What bargain hunters enjoy."

"Sales." The puzzle appeared in the eight-page comic section of the New York World newspaper on December 21, 1913.

Congratulations to Catizhere for being the first to get the correct answer (and bonus points for saying shoes)!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

LOST S6ep12

Camp Ilana-bits
Hurley has a chat with Libby graveside. Ilana informs him that they're going to the Black Rock and asks who he's talking to. Sads. And then Michael shows up to stop him from killing people (Hai Mikey!).

When Ilana comes back with the dynamite, Hurley tries to convince her that blowing up the Aljira plane is a bad idea. She argues back that Jacob said to trust Richard and Richard says to blow up the plane, thus the right thing to do is blow up the plane. Clearly she forgets that she's got unstable dynamite sticks in her bag because she throws it around and BOOM goes the dynamite and BYE goes Ilana into itty-bitty Ilana bits.

The rest trek to the Black Rock supposedly to get more dynamite only Hurley blows up the ship to protect them. Talking to Miles, Hurley mentions how dead people come and yell at him because "dead people are more reliable than alive people."

Richard and Hurley have a throw down and demand everyone take sides ala when Jack & Locke had the Losties take sides - one to go to New Otherton and one to the beach to meet the freighter people. Miles and Ben go with Richard to get grenades and such from New Otherton to blow up the plane. Jack, Sun and Frank go with Hurley to talk to Locke.

As they walk, Hurley admits to Jack that he didn't see Jacob and has no idea what he's doing. But Jack trusts him because somehow Jack trusts others now. The whispers come back and LIGHT BULB! Hurley knows what the whispers are. They're the souls of people trapped on the Island because they can't move on. Like Michael because he killed Ana Lucia and Libby he's not allowed peace. When Hurley asks if there's anything he can do, all he requests is that Hurley not die, and to tell Libby he's sorry if he sees her again. Oh Michael. Your redemption came too late.

Hurley walks into Camp MIB/UnLocke/Smokey and asks for a conversation sans weapons. MIB/UnLocke/Smokey agrees. Well he appears to agree because he handed over his knife. But we're talking about a creature that can turn into a pillar of smoke and wreak havoc on a group of people. I'm not entirely sure I would trust him at his word is all I'm saying.

Sawyer demands to know what MIB/UnLocke/Smokey is waiting for. Apparently it takes teamwork to do anything around the Island so they're waiting for the rest of the Losties to come to them. Sayid shows up and requests a private meeting with MIB/UnLocke/Smokey and shows him Desmond tied to a tree.

MIB/UnLocke/Smokey cuts Desmond free and asks him why Widmore brought him back to the Island. Desmond is a little evasive. And when MIB/UnLocke/Smokey asks him if Desmond knows who he is, he replies, "You're John Locke" Oh Desmond, brutha, you got a ways to catch up.

As Desmond follows MIB/UnLocke/Smokey into the jungle because he has something to show Desmond, they see the young boy that MIB/UnLocke/Smokey and Sawyer came across in the Sawyer episode. MIB/UnLocke/Smokey freaks out and demands Desmond just ignore him. The boy looks clearly pleased with how he's rattled MIB/UnLocke/Smokey and giggles as he runs off.

MIB/UnLocke/Smokey takes Desmond to a well. He gets shifty eyed and wonders aloud why Desmond is not afraid. Sir, Desmond laughs in the face of fear. BWAHAHAHA! Then MIB/UnLocke/Smokey throws him into the well. Oopsies. Slipped.

And when Hurley and his crew come walking into camp, MIB/UnLocke/Smokey looks smug as everything's going to plan.

Flash Sideways
Marvin Candle aka Pierre Chang introduces Hurley as some paleontology wing/school's man of the year. And as Hurley leaves with his mom holding yet another award, she laments on how everyone loves Hugo except women. She presses him to go on a blind date she set up. His mom is not any different in the Sideways world as she is in the Island world, wanting to see her boy find love.

Hurley waits in a Mexican restaurant seemingly stood up when Libby shows up. She asks if he believes in soulmates and because he felt an immediate connection to her she agrees. Libby gets escorted out of the restaurant by a doctor and loaded into a van for the Santa Rosa Mental Institute and Hurley's disappointed.

So he drowns his sorrows in a bucket of chicken at one of his Mr. Cluck's stores which is where Desmond runs into him on "accident" and tells him to trust his instinct and believe what Libby said about how they already knew each other.

Hurley stops by the Santa Rosa Mental Institute and asks to see Libby. She explains her memories of another life. Her Island life. Desperate to know that Hurley has the same memories because it would mean she's not crazy. Sads for Libby because he doesn't remember. But he does ask her out on a date so yays for that!

Hurley and Libby finally get their picnic date. And when she kisses him he gets flashes of his Island life and realizes that Libby was right. And Desmond who has been witnessing this whole exchange drives off satisfied that one of the Losties knows the truth, or part of it, of the Sideways world.

Flash Sideways Coda
Desmond watches John Locke roll through the parking lot at the high school. After being interrogated by Ben because who wouldn't be wary of a strange man parked for a period of time at a school staring at children, he speeds off directly for John Locke and runs him the eff over. Why? Probably because he's supposed to be dead, my guess.

Tuesday Trivia: Crosswords

Tuesday Trivia is a weekly post of interesting trivia questions. Leave a comment with your answer, or best guess, and come back tomorrow to see if you were right. Happy guessing!


What five-letter word was the answer to the first clue in the first crossword puzzle ever published in the U.S.? Hint: The clue was "What bargain hunters enjoy."

Monday, April 12, 2010


When DF is occupied with a video game (which is pretty much always), and I'm working on something else or watching TV, Cooper is not always getting the attention he so desires. I swear he thinks he's a four-legged prince.

When he thinks we should be paying attention to him - which according to him is always - he gets whiny. And then he'll take his revenge by walking to the couch by the garage door where I drop my purse every night and takes something out of it so he can chew on it.

He thinks he's being sneaky, but as long as I'm listening, I know better because I'm smarter than a dog, thank goodness. When he takes something from my purse, he trots. Which sounds differently on the floors than his usual walk. Click click click click are the sounds of his nails on the laminate wood floor.

A couple weeks ago, I was in our bedroom lying down and watching TV. DF was, naturally, on his computer. Cooper was in the room with me but after whining for several minutes and me continuing to ignore him because Momma needs 30 minutes to watch How I Met Your Mother dammit, he got up and walked to my purse.

He wasn't being incredibly sneaky this time as he brought the item back with him into our bedroom to chew on it. So I got up and took it from him (I think it was my wallet) and then laid back down. So out he goes again to his new toy chest, and we repeat the process. And again. And again. And again.

We danced this dance at least 7 times.

The little bastard knows how to get my attention. I'll give him that much.

Friday, April 9, 2010


You guys. I'm getting married two weeks from tomorrow. TWO WEEKS FROM TOMORROW!

It's very surreal.

If I get focused on something else, I forget that I'm making this HUGE life change in a couple weeks.

And then I remember and my stomach flips.

I am incredibly excited. And only a little nervous. The nerves aren't due to the actual getting married part. They're more due to I've been planning and prepping for this day for nine months and I want it to live up to my expectations.

Don't get me wrong. I know I'm going to have a great time. And it will be a perfect day because DF and I will be married. But it doesn't stop me from wanting it to go smoothly.

What's worse is the waiting. The planning is done. I have some confirmations to make, some final things to put together. But. The planning is done. So I wait. And I try to concentrate on that thing that keeps me fed and with a roof over my head. But I have trouble staying focused for longer than 30 minutes.

A couple weeks ago, I registered for a conference in June, and I registered under my married name. It was WEIRD seeing what will be my new last name.

As weird as it's going to be getting used to signing a new name. Getting used to coming always and forever as a pair. I am ready for this. This change that will be happening two weeks from tomorrow. But first, the waiting. And waiting is a bitch.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Book Review: The Help

The Help by Kathryn Stockett

Disclosure: No one paid me in any way, form or fashion to do this review.

Set in 1962 Jackson, Mississippi, The Help is a story of the civil rights movement told from the perspectives of two black maids and a young white woman who recently returned home after college graduation. Only it's not the civil rights movement on a broad scale. But their own part of it, their own story. They come together to work on a project that puts them all in danger but must be done as they are determined to do what they can to bring about change that both terrifies them and gives them hope.

This first novel is so well-written I had no trouble following the changes in narrator as the author flipped from one voice to the other. She also did a great job of keeping the flow of the story progressing nicely with the narrator changes.

She does a great job of getting you to take a look at not just how people treated their help in the 60s but now. She leaves you asking hard questions about how much has really changed. Is there really a difference? Or are we just fooling ourselves?

This book is enlightening, heart-breaking and heart-warming. For as terrible as some of the maids' stories are that will leave you with a bad taste for humanity, there are also ones that will make you believe in the goodness of human beings.

I cannot recommend this book enough. Add it to your to-read list. You don't want to miss this one.

Next month - The White Queen by Philippa Gregory

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Hump Day Humor: Good Cop, Baby Cop

From the people who brought you The Landlord, comes Good Cop, Baby Cop... the toughest cop in the world.

ANSWER - Tuesday Trivia: Stamps

Who is pictured on the bestselling U.S. commemorative stamp ever issued?

Elvis Presley. The 29-cent stamp was issued in 1993 on Presley's birthday, January 8. More than 124 million of the 517 million commemoratives that were sold have not been used for postage - they're being saved by collectors and Elvis fans, according to the U.S. Postal Service.

Congratulations to Catizhere for being the first, and only, to get the correct answer!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

LOST S6ep11

The Beginning
Desmond wakes up and demands to see Penny. Widmore says no can do. You're on the Island. It's not done with you yet. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Some test must be taken, but Widmore's team hasn't studied for it. Some guy whose name I missed gets fried with electromagnetism. They bring Desmond in - because he's the only one to have survived a catastrophic electromagnetic event (Hatch explosion - Season 2 finale), fire it up and Desmond looks to be in agony.

Flash Sideways
Desmond meets Claire at the baggage carousel, grabs her bag for her and predicts that she'll have a boy. Sign that reads Hume is being held by Minkowski (sp?) the doctor from the freighter who died bleeding out his orifices because he didn't have Penny as his constant. Desmond's in LA for business not pleasure thankyouverymuch. He don't need no stinking companionship. Turns out his business is with Charles, and Charles and Desmond are old buddies. Charles asks Desmond to pick up Charlie from jail so he can perform a concert with Charles' son (Daniel obvs).

Charlie walks right into traffic nearly getting killed to get to a bar across the street where he explains to Desmond how conscious-altering love looks. According to Charlie, it looks a lot like Claire. He claims to have seen this vision on the plane when he was choking on his drugs. He must be trying to get back to that because he jerked the wheel of the car so they'll crash in the bay Desmond happened to be driving by.

Charlie refuses to get out and puts his hand up to the window reminiscent of the Season 3 finale when he wrote on his hand Not Penny's Boat as his final message to Desmond. And Desmond flashes back with the rest of us. While all the other Flash Sideways seemed to have a bit of deja vu, this is the first one that was quite clear. Then as he's getting a MRI in the hospital his vision of Charlie and the Not Penny's Boat hand are a lot clearer and this time he also sees Penny. He tries to deny it at first but Charlie tells him to find Penny.

Charles is upset about Desmond losing Charlie and tells him he has to tell his wife, who it is implied will be most displeased by the news.

Desmond and Eloise make reacquaintances. She looks spooked to see him like she knows exactly who he is in every flash forward, back, sideways, diagonways, whateverways. He apologizes for not being able to produce Charlie for their concert, she forgives him and he starts on his way out until he catches the name Penny. When he demands to see the party invite list, Eloise refuses to let him see it and tell him why because according to her, he's not ready yet. She's vague on exactly what he needs to get ready for.

Daniel approaches Desmond as he's about to drive off and reveals that they need to talk. He too talks about seeing conscious-altering love, only he refers to it as love at first sight. His love, Charlotte naturally, was so conscious altering that it brought out his inner physicist that has been repressed his whole life by his music. He theorizes that he set off a nuclear bomb to change reality and it worked. They're not living the lives they were meant to.

Daniel then reveals to Desmond that Penny is his half-sister and offers him the information on when and where he can meet her. And when he does, it literally stops his world.

The End
Desmond readily agrees to help Charles with whatever his plans are. Charles has surprise face because he didn't think it would be so easy. As Desmond and Zoe are tromping through the jungle Sayid jumps out and snaps the necks of a couple of the guys with them. He orders Zoe to run off and then tries to convince Desmond that Widmore and his group are EE-VUL and that he should follow him. Desmond readily agrees.

Flash Sideways, Part Deux
Desmond wakes up from a faint and asks Penny to coffee. His face shows pure bliss as he climbs back into the limo. Minkoski asks if there's anything else he can get him. Desmond requests the manifest from Flight 815. Something about showing it to people.

  1. Did it appear to anyone else like Desmond could move back and forth between the Island life and LA life?
  2. I understand why he readily agreed to Charles' request. But why Sayid's? Because he felt it would be easier and keep him upright and alive? Maybe.
  3. What exactly is he going to be doing with that manifest?

Tuesday Trivia: Stamps

Tuesday Trivia is a weekly post of interesting trivia questions. Leave a comment with your answer, or best guess, and come back tomorrow to see if you were right. Happy guessing!


Who is pictured on the bestselling U.S. commemorative stamp ever issued?

Monday, April 5, 2010


I burped and said excuse me. He replied with "that's five wifey points."

It's become a regular conversation since then. Five hubby points for putting dishes away. 10 wifey points putting Cooper up at night. Five points here. Five points there.

We've never really said what we could redeem our hubby and wifey points for. Though we did say we had to wait until we were in fact a hubby and a wifey before we could.

In just over two weeks, I'll be able to turn in my wifey points for something yet to be determined (I think I'm going to push for a massage. Or a night that I don't have to clean the kitchen.) All this talk about wifey points got me to thinking, will being married be that different from now?

We've been living together for almost a year. We've merged our stuff together. We see each other every day. We wake up next to each other every morning and go to sleep after a kiss goodnight every night.

It would be easy to think that it won't be that different. But I actually think being married will be different.

Our relationship has definitely become more intimate in the last year just from the sharing of living space, but I think being married will be more of a mental change. Though we have physically merged our lives, I still think of my life as my own. After we're married, it will no longer be just me. It will be two of us.

It will be a mental shift. Slight. But I believe, yes, it will be different.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Grey's Anatomy S6ep19

Season 6 and we finally get more information on Alex's past. Aaron, Alex's brother, gave us such a great peek at who Alex was before he came to Seattle Grace. Clues into why he was such an asshole for so many seasons. Sure there had been hints that his dad was not a nice guy and his mom had her own issues. But hearing how it affected him was different. And Bailey who normally stays out of everyone's business ate it up. Like us she was desperate to know what made Alex Alex.

I love to see these doctors make new relationships. And I don't mean the romantic ones. For some reason, I get more invested in the friendships that are built than the lovers. Arizona and Teddy in the elevator were so much fun giggling over Mark and how his legendary status is well earned.

How awkward Cristina must have felt getting advice on how to best support Owen from the woman she knew was still in love with him.

April is in love with Derek. It's understandable. He's in a position of authority and power. And he rescued her by giving her job back to her and showing faith in her ability as a doctor when she struggled to find her confidence again. That is an easy set up for infatuation if I've ever seen one. Though that's not going to keep April from making some serious enemies.

Your tale, sir, would cure deafness

When I was a senior in high school, we had a final project in our AP English class that was at the very end of the semester right before we graduated. We had a selection of literary pieces to pick from that we had interpret with a video. My group chose Shakespeare's The Tempest.

There were very few slackers in my AP English class. We took our projects, especially our group projects, very seriously.

Except this one.

We were weeks away from graduation, and we had lost our ability to care. There were times a group member or two couldn't make it to a meeting to work on our video so we would substitute a sibling here or there. We used butter knifes for swords. Not to mention that our idea for the video as a whole was pretty lame. Something about a Shakespearean soap opera if I remember right. And I believe we all crowded in the bathtub to symbolize the boat.

Our mantra throughout this project was "Is this crap? Yes. Do we care? No."

That's basically how I feel about wedding planning now that we're 3 weeks away. I don't mean that the wedding is crap. But that I've stopped caring about the minutiae the way I did just a few weeks ago.

Here's the big picture: I am getting married to a wonderful guy. We are making a lifetime commitment to each other in front of our family and friends. We are building the base of what will hopefully, someday grow to be a strong family.

Everything other than that is extra. Frosting. And it doesn't really affect the crux of what will be happening 3 weeks from tomorrow.

Will I finish what I need to do for all the little things to fall into place? Yes. Do I care if I miss something or if it's not exactly how I'd like it to be? No.

I think we got an A on that project.

P.S. The title is a quote from The Tempest, if you were curious (Act 1, scene ii).

Thursday, April 1, 2010

BJs reduce cancer risk? Totally a man's idea

My fellow women, life as we know it will now become more difficult. Some idiot (or idiots) at North Carolina State University has conducted a study on the regular performance of fellatio possibly reducing the risk of breast cancer.

Allow me to define fellatio for you in case you know it by its more common names: blowjob, BJ, head, a trouser friendly kiss.

Men all over this great country are forwarding this article to their wives, girlfriends, sex buddies, etc with an eyebrow wiggle that says "See, now you have to do it more often because if you don't you could get breast cancer and DI-EEE! You don't want to DI-EEE do you? Oh look at that, my pants are off."

And those of us that could get away with doing it on special occasions or once in a while, will now have to do it one to two times a week! Thanks a lot North Carolina State University. Assholes.

It was totally a man that developed this study. I just know it.

My favorite part of the article is the quote from Dr. AJ, who, it should be noted, is not involved with the study. "I am surprised by these findings, but am also excited that the researchers may have discovered a relatively easy way to lower the occurrence of breast cancer in women."

You're excited Dr. AJ? What man reading this story didn't get an instant boner at the prospect of weekly blowjobs? (This is of course assuming Dr. AJ is in fact a man.)

P.S. Do not send this article to DF. I'm serious. Or I may shave off his eyebrows just so I don't have to see the eyebrow wiggle.