Friday, March 19, 2010

Teenage Mortification

In an effort to prove to myself I can write a blog post on something besides the wedding, I thought I'd reach into my bag of memories and tell you a quick story that is rather quite infamous in my family.

Growing up my younger sister and I fought a lot. Especially when we were teenagers. You know. Normal teenage girl stuff. Stay out of my room, don't steal my clothes, etc. etc.

Once we were fighting very loudly, and my dad was fed up with us. So he told us, if we couldn't work it out, he would take all of our clothes, and he would pick out what clothes we wore every day for a week or two. And it wouldn't necessarily be a different outfit every day.

Well, to two teenage girls, that promise (my dad doesn't make threats; he makes promises) would have been equal to a death sentence for our social lives had we not changed our ways.

So we did. We got a lot quieter when we fought.

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tracey said...

Your Dad is a genius. I will remember this trick.