Tuesday, March 23, 2010

LOST S6ep9

The Beginning
Richard acts all pouty because he's not as in Jacob's circle as he thought he was. He pronounces everyone dead and that the Island is really Hell (which has to be the producers giving a little wink to a popular LOST theory). Hurley's off talking to someone and Jack thinks it's all about him, of course because that's what Jack does. Richard runs off into the jungle looking quite desperate.

Richard's on a horse! Racing across Tenerife Canary Island 1867 to get to his dying wife Isabella. After professing their love for each other, Richard - excuse me Ricardo - races back out to get the doctor who refuses to ride in the rain back with Ricardo but does offer him some expensive medication. Ricardo gives him everything, and it's still not enough. Distraught and terrified of losing Isabella, he struggles with the doctor who then falls and hits his head and dies. Ricardo runs out because he must get back to his wife and give her the medicine. Only he's too late. She's already dead.

They don't waste any time in arresting Ricardo. A priest visits him in jail where Ricardo is reading an English bible (having only spoken Spanish in his life before). He begs for absolution, but the priest tells him there's not time as they're going to hang him the next day for the doctor's murder. Only a merchant (I think) inspects him and and claims him as his property to sail to the New World.

The Black Rock (not a surprise but still nice to have that theory confirmed) gets caught in a storm and washes up on the Island and on its way into the jungle knocks into the four-toed statue. The merchant guy comes down and starts making shish kabobs out of his slaves because he's worried about them trying to kill him later if he frees them.

Just as he gets to Ricardo, there's Smokey wrecking his smoke-like chaos and bloody slaughter. He takes everyone except Ricardo who he scans, kind of like he did Locke (the real one) and Eko way back when. Ricardo's left alone on the ship, and then Isabella appears. Not sure if it's really Isabella or a Smokey manifestation or a food/water deprived hallucination. Whatever it is, Smokey shows up, and we're led to assume that he, well, eats her.

After passing out again, MIB wakes up Ricardo and offers him water, tells him the devil has his wife and offers him a deal (just like MIB/unLocke/Smokey has been doing with our Losties). Help me get off this Island and I'll help you get what you most deeply desire/want back: your wife. Ricardo agrees and MIB lets him out of the shackles and then repeats the line Locke said to Richard just a few episodes ago, "It's nice to see you out of those chains." A perfect matching delivery of that line. Creepy.

MIB starts talking about where to find and how to kill this devil (clearly he's talking about Jacob) giving him the same instructions Genghis Khan gave Sayid. Plunge this knife into him but don't let him speak otherwise it's too late. Was it the same knife? I couldn't remember. Ricardo is hesitant as he has morals and doesn't want to kill anyone. MIB the Manipulator reminds him of his wife and Ricardo reluctantly agrees to the mission. Only Jacob kicks his ass before Ricardo can plunge the knife in and tries to drown him so he'll realize he's not dead, that he's not in hell and in reality still very much alive. Then they have themselves a little chat.

Jacob explains that the Island is like a cork, keeping hell in and stopping it from corrupting the world. He admits to bringing people to the Island to show MIB that people are good and that their pasts don't matter. Except they keep dying because they choose their weaknesses. They argue about free will, and Jacob offers Ricardo a job as his representative. In payment Ricardo requests his wife (no can do), then absolution (again no can do) and then eternal life (DING DING DING!) and was subsequently granted immortality. MIB calls him a fool and tells him the offer still stands.

The End
Having stumbled in his faith, Richard digs up his wife's necklace that he buried all those years ago in his grief and starts screaming to MIB/UnLocke/Smokey that he's changed his mind and wants to take him up on his offer. Only Hurley comes walking out of the jungle and tells him that his wife Isabella sent him. Richard looks understandably shocked and confused. She talks to him through Hurley ala Patrick Swayze and Whoopi Goldberg in Ghost and tells him he is not at fault and that he's suffered enough basically releasing him. She also tells him that he can't let MIB leave the Island or they all go to hell (dun dun DUH!).

Jacob confronts MIB about the attempted murder. MIB begs to be let go. He really REALLY wants to leave the Island. And when Jacob refuses, MIB vows to find a way to kill him and anyone set to replace him.

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