Tuesday, March 16, 2010

LOST S6ep8

General MIB/UnLocke/Smokey
MIB/UnLocke/Smokey is full of revelations. First he reveals that the Big Bad Black Smoke killed all the people in the Temple. Then he reveals his true identity to Sawyer who clearly didn't have any clue as to who he really was and admits that he had to kill all the Temple peeps because it was either them or him. Then he orders Sawyer to go to Hydra Island to gather info on the people from the Aljira flight. (He can't mean Ilana can he as he knows where she is?) (And didn't he just tell Ben to meet them on Hydra Island last week? Was he trying to lead Ben into a trap that probably would have gotten him killed?)

Sayid's a zombie. Claire attacks Kate and starts screaming crazily about Kate taking her baby and MIB/UnLocke/Smokey intervenes and slaps, literally, some sense into Claire. Kate looks freaked. MIB/UnLocke/Smokey admits to Kate that he lied to Claire about who had her baby because she needed someone to hate. They have themselves a little chat on the beach where MIB/UnLocke/Smokey talks about his crazy mother. So Mr. Big Bad Evil had a mom. And she scarred him. At least he doesn't have daddy issues as it seems like everyone else on the Island does. (So who is his mom? Is Jacob his brother which could explain some amount of the hostility we've seen between them. Would go with the Cain and Abel theory I was reading about a few weeks ago.)

Sawyer finds the Aljira plane, a pile of dead people and a woman claiming to be the only one left. He doesn't quite trust her and eventually pulls his gun on her once again calling her con. And a group of people jump out of the bushes with more guns. They take him to Charles Widmore. Sawyer offers to bring him MIB/UnLocke/Smokey in exchange for passage off the Island. Only when he goes back he reveals all to MIB/UnLocke/Smokey and seems to pledge allegiance to him. Except he tells Kate he's going to let them deal with each other, and while they're busy, they'll hijack the sub. Which makes the most sense given Sawyer's history of looking out for numero uno.

Flash Sideways
I really started off incredibly concerned that Sawyer was going to be the exact same. A con man with a limited moral compass and severe daddy issues. Turns out he's a cop. And really good at undercover operations. Pun intended.

Some issues must remain because he was calling everyone in the phonebook with the name Anthony Cooper also known as John Locke's dad and the man Sawyer holds responsible for the deaths of his parents.

He goes on a blind date with Charlotte (a bit disappointed it wasn't Juliet) and charms the pants off her. Literally. Afterwards she finds a folder of information including old articles about Sawyer's parents' murder-suicide, and he flips out at her.

After punching a mirror when his partner Miles - oh they are loving their parallels between Island World and Sideways world - confronts him about the lies around Sawyer's trip to Australia, Sawyer watches some Little House on the Prairie (really? Sawyer watches this? I find that hard to believe), he feels bad for how he treated Charlotte and tries to apologize to her, but she will have none of it and slams the door in his face.

He's in the middle of telling all to Miles and admitting to wanting to kill Anthony Cooper when Kate runs into them and a chase ensues. Kate's clearly freaked out by and running from something. The marshal probably.

What We Learned
1. Widmore freaks out MIB/UnLocke/Smokey. I don't know if freaks out is the right word, but he knows it's another obstacle to getting off the Island and he doesn't seem too excited to be facing it.
2. MIB/UnLocke/Smokey can be killed. Don't know how. This isn't too much of a shock because Jacob was killed.
3. Thanks to a comment from Widmore to Sawyer about how little he knows, we're reminded that there's still a lot to learn about this Island and its bigger picture.
4. MIB/UnLocke/Smokey had a crazy mom who impacted him in a huge way. But then who's mom doesn't have a profound impact on them?
5. Sawyer still likes Watership Down in the Sideways World.

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