Tuesday, March 2, 2010

LOST S6ep6

At the Temple
Sayid and Genghis Khan get into a fight and Genghis Khan tells Sayid to get the eff out. Until Claire walks in and tells Genghis that MIB/unLocke/Smokey demands to see him. He refuses then begs Sayid to come with him. Then begs Sayid to kill the EVIL INCARNATE.

He leaves the Temple runs into Kate - who goes back into the Temple and finds out Claire came in and gets all excited - and then runs into MIB/unLocke/Smokey and stabs him in the chest as instructed by Genghis Khan. Sayid is quick on the uptake and realizes that MIB/unLocke/Smokey wants something from him. To deliver a message. MIB/unLocke/Smokey offers him anything and everything in the world (sounds like the devil's bargain) and Sayid admits that all he ever wanted was Nadia.

Message: Jacob's dead. MIB/unLocke/Smokey is leaving the Island for good and everyone is welcome to join. And those that don't WILL DIE.

Sayid and Genghis Khan have a heart to hear where Genghis Khan reveals that he got drunk, caused an accident and killed his son. And that Jacob then offered to revive his son if Genghis Khan comes to the Island. Sayid not really moved by this speech drowns Genghis Khan who it turns out was the only thing keeping MIB/unLocke/Smokey out. And sure enough, in comes Smokey into the Temple in a smokey, murderous rampage. Miles escapes with Ilana, Sun, Frank and Ben - who suddenly appear in the Temple.

Determined to save Claire, Kate's stuck with crazy Claire, stabby Sayid and the undead unLocke who she is shocked to learn is not dead. Although she doesn't realize yet that he's not really Locke.

Flash Sideways
Sayid and Nadia are still clearly in love except she's married to his brother - man those two must not be meant for each other because there are always obstacles. His brother borrowed money to expand his business and is being threatened with violence if he doesn't return. And of course he goes to the torturer for help. Sayid refuses. His brother gets beaten up and ends up in the hospital. Sayid starts to run off for vengeance and Nadia begs him not to.

Some goons pick up Sayid and take him to a kitchen where he meets Keamey (sp? Remember him?! The crazy guy from the freighter who shot Ben's daughter Alex? Yeah that lunatic.) Turns out he's the one Sayid's brother borrowed money from. Sayid shoots him and his goons and then discovers Jin in the walk in. Huh? How did he get there?

What We Learned
  1. Sayid still has a bit of a murderous rage no matter what reality he's in
  2. Kate is in big trouble
  3. Genghis Khan held some sort of power over Smokey

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