Friday, March 12, 2010

Grey's Anatomy S6ep17

So cute that Bailey is excited about her third date. Clearly it's been awhile since she's dated. She forgot about the third date and its necessary preparations on her "surgical field." Heartbreaking to see her breakdown and practically cry to Callie. Of course for Bailey that is tears. And I love how Ben gets that three dates is too soon for her.

I guess Teddy and Sloan make sense. Both the same age. Except she's still very much in love with Owen and not looking for anything serious which Mark, for once, actually is. I do not blame her for being swept off her feet by his speech at the end. Because he's always been great about the sweeping off of the feet. And now that he's focused on what most women want - a lifetime - he's even more charming.

Important career tips from Richard... apparently Derek is missing the vision to lead his surgeons in their own ways rather than in his way. It's true. A good leader empowers and encourages his team to do things their ways as he knows that's how people work best.

I think this episode was the beginning of the end for Arizona and Callie. I've never seen a relationship survive the compromise over the having or not of children. It's too big an issue.
Which makes me really sad as I LOVE the two of them together.

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