Friday, March 5, 2010

Grey's Anatomy S6ep16

Seeing Cristina embarrass herself in front of a surgical hero was quite hilarious. Harper Avery is a bit full of himself though. Of course anyone that has a prestigious award like that named after him probably has a bit of an ego.

Lungs inflating without being part of the body system are creepy. That was unnerving.

Mark is back to being true to form and sleeping with anything and everything that will have him - which doesn't really limit it much. And then Callie put him in his place. Which she is really good at. Only for it to be unraveled by the realization that Alex and Lexie are still having the sex.

Lexie and Alex. Not so much a one night stand. I get it. They've both had their hearts broken. A little horizontal therapy. Best way to deal with it? Eh, probably not. But for these surgeons it's an easy decision.

It's a bit awkward to watch Owen and Teddy try to be friends again. Sweet but awkward.

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