Friday, February 12, 2010

Snow Day

I know in Baltimore and other parts of the Northeast it's Snowmaggedon with ridiculous amounts of snow. Our 10 or so inches while record-breaking for us seems paltry in comparison.

Still for us in the Dallas-Fort Worth it's a lot of snow. And unfortunately, roads didn't ice bad enough for a full snow day. Just a delayed start. Well, it's still pretty, powdery and perfect for throwing at certain dogs and DFs.

Cooper loves it. He scampers and jumps and even eats the snow.


Theresa Milstein said...

It's amazing that you have more snow than we do in Cambridge, MA. We've either missed most of the storms of have gotten much less than everyone to the south of us.

Jenn said...

confession: i'm a little jealous. i wish we'd had a couple days of snow this year.

p.s. cooper is so cute!

Lin said...

so pretty! even with all the crazy snow we've been getting, its so beautiful while its falling. hope you guys stay warm and don't have to deal with it for too long!