Tuesday, February 23, 2010

LOST S6ep5

At the Temple
Jack tells Sayid about the infection. Jacob appears to Hurley and gives him instructions on helping someone find the Island and Hurley writes it all on his arm like he was cheating on a test. When Ghenghis Khan catches Hurley trying to sneak into a secret passage, Hurley declares his candidacy and tells him to stuff off. He then recruits Jack for his Jacob adventure. They run into Kate who tells them she's not going back to the Temple but looking for Claire. Jack tries to talk her out of it. It doesn't work. Hurley and Jack have a heart to heart as the ystomp through the jungle - just like old times. Hurley admits to seeing Jacob and the reason why he came back to the Island. When asked by Hurley, Jack grudgingly admits that he came back in hopes of being fixed seeing as he was a drunk and broken man. They finally come to a lighthouse where up top is a mirror and dial with names next to numbers (BIG surprise). Jack notices his name and goes ape shit demanding to know why Jacob has been watching him and what Jacob wants with him. When he doesn't hear what he wants to (which is what? Jacob is the daddy he never had? Jacob will fix all his problems?) he smashes the mirror and stalks off. Hurley learns that once again he was a pawn in trying to move Jack. Jacob wanted Jack to start along the faith path. And the best way was to show him that he was being watched.

In the Jungle
Claire helps Jin out of the bear trap and is not at all bitter about being left alone for three years to go crazy-like infected ala Danielle Rousseau. Like Miss French Woman Who's Not Actually French, she believes the Others took her son. Difference naturally being that they actually didn't do the baby napping this time. She captures an Other bent on trying to get information on where Aaron is by whatever bloody, violent means possible. And Jin, who can't stand to watch someone get beat up and not be part of the fun, confesses that Kate took Aaron off the Island. Claire sticks the Other on her axe anyway. Jin tries to play off the admission that Kate was raising Aaron when he saw the crazy eye from Claire and especially when she insisted that if it were true, she'd kill Kate. I believe her. Then MIB/un-Locke/Smokey drops in for a spot of tea. Jin is shocked to see who he thinks is Locke. Only to have the disturbing revelation from Claire that it's not Locke but her friend ala MIB/Smokey. If they are indeed friends, this does not bode well for a good ending for Claire.

Flash Sideways
Jack's a daddy. They clearly aren't close. And the circle of father-son issues continues. I'm guessing David is his son with Sarah. His son is as intimidated of him as he was of his dad. Jack also notices a scar from having his appendix removed that he doesn't seem to remember.

Things We Learned
1. Claire is most definitely crazy. And in cahoots with MIB/unLocke/Smokey.
2. Jacob is playing his own game, moving his pieces into place as MIB/unLocke/Smokey does the same.

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passport in my pocket said...

Sad to see Claire turn into a psycho... I was hoping for a sweet reunion with Aaron!