Tuesday, February 16, 2010

LOST S6ep4

Interesting run around the Island from Smokey's point of view. According to Ilana, he's on a recruiting mission. For what, probably something about ruby slippers and going home. He attempts to get Richard to go with him and Richard's all TEAM JACOB FTW! Then MIB-UnLocke-Smokey sees a boy with what looks like bloody hands and freaks out. Visibly.

And moves on to Sawyer who first of all KNOWS that it's not Locke he's talking to. (How did all these people go a whole season practically and have NO idea, and Sawyer spends all of five minutes talking to Locke and is all YOU'RE NOT LOCKE; WHO ARE YOU?) Then he decides "whatevs, I've got nothing better to do than get drunk on grief" and follows MIB-UnLocke-Smokey. Stomping through the jungle, they both see the boy with clean hands this time. MIB-UnLocke-Smokey chases him down. Boy tells him to follow the rules and that he can't kill him (WHO'S HIM? Sawyer? Richard?) and the real Locke shines through when he screams out "Don't tell me what I can't do!"

Meanwhile, Richard scampers out and tries to get Sawyer to follow him to the Temple with the reveal that MIB-UnLocke-Smokey is going to kill him. Stubborn Sawyer's all been there done that. So when MIB-UnLocke-Smokey returns, Sawyer does what Sawyer does best and pulls a gun on him. And then he gets talked into following along again with the promise to the Ultimate Question. Who shot JR? Ok, actually Why Am I On The Island?

They climb down a cliff on wooden and rope ladders down to a cave in the cliff, where MIB-UnLocke-Smokey shows Sawyer a bunch of names written and mostly crossed out and reveals that the uncrossed ones are Candidates for the job of Protector. There's also a joke about how Jacob has a thing for numbers. Sawyer has three options: 1. Do nothing and see how it plays out. 2. Step up and take the Protector job. 3. Get off the Island and go home. Sawyer picks door #3 and joins Team MIB-UnLocke-Smokey.

In the Shadow of the Statue
Ben is still lying and manipulating telling Ilana Locke killed Jacob. What's he playing for? Information? Power? Probably some of both. Ilana scoops up some of the Jacob ash, stuffs in it a bag and insists that they all go to the Temple. Sun digs her feet in and demands that they bury Real Dead Locke. And Ben confess to murdering John. And expresses regret.

Flash Sideways
Locke and Helen sitting in a tree... Sideways Locke apparently let go of most of his daddy issues and didn't lose Helen. Though Sideways Locke seems to be lacking any and all faith. Original Locke would have seen it as a sign from destiny that he met a spinal surgeon. A couple things haven't changed. Locke still has a major chip on his shoulder. And Box Company Bossman Randy is still a douche canoe.

After getting fired, Hurley offers to help Locke out and hooks him up with his staffing company, where Rose works. Locke gets major attitude and shoots for something he can't reach from a wheelchair - a construction job - and Rose gives him a touch of reality. He confesses to Helen his real intention for going to Australia and then insists that miracles don't happen and gives her an out to leave him if she wants. Helen argues that yes, miracles do happen and reaffirms that the only thing she ever wanted and waited for was Locke. Kissy faces. He seems to have found some satisfaction/happiness in his life as a substitute teacher and MEETS BENJAMIN LINUS IN THE TEACHER'S LOUNGE! WTF??!!

What We Learned
1. Jacob was the Island Protector - or at least he thought was. And the reason why Oceanic Flight 815 crashed on the Island was because Jack, Locke, Sayid, Hurley, Jin or Sun and Sawyer were candidates to take over as Protector.
2. There is something that freaks out MIB-UnLocke-Smokey. A boy.
3. Numbers have something to do with Jacob.
4. MIB-UnLocke-Smokey is confined to the Island. Trapped in someway for some purpose.

More Questions
1. Jacob also touched Kate. When and why was she cut as a Candidate?
2. Who or what was the Boy? A season ago, I would have said without a doubt Smokey. But Smokey is Locke. So that's not it.
3. Where is home for MIB-UnLocke-Smokey? How did he come to the Island? For what purpose? How is he trapped?
4. What is Jacob (and his successors and predecessors) protecting the Island from? Or what do they think they're protecting the Island from?

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