Tuesday, February 9, 2010

LOST S6ep3

At the Temple
Everyone is surprised at Sayid's miraculous recovery. Genghis Khan demands to speak to Sayid alone. Jack, predictably, denies them the chance and instead demands answers (get in line Jack!) Sawyer's still got angry face. Pulls a gun on everyone and says adios. The Others want him back. Why exactly? Don't know. But Kate and Jin offer to go find him and bring him back. Only they both have other intentions. Kate still wants to find Claire, and Jin wants to find Sun.

Kate and Sawyer have a heart-to-heart about why Kate came back to the Island. Sawyer reveals his guilt over Juliet's death and through his tears admits that he was going to ask her to marry him. I may have lusted after the man from the beginning of the show. But that scene is the one that sealed my crush. A man professing his love and crying over his grief at her death is incredibly sexy.

Genghis Khan runs some tests on Sayid. Because he's living. After he died. Turns out he's infected. And they enlist Jack to help him take a magic pill. After Sayid professes his undying loyalty and trust in the good ole doc, Jack goes to have his own heart-to-heart with Genghis Khan. And when he tells Jack that he was brought to the Island, Jack still refuses to believe that the Island is his destiny. So he rashly swallows the pill to call their bluff. Genghis Khan admits to it being poison after forcing Jack to cough it up. He then reveals that the infection will remove all semblance of that person. And it happened to Claire.

And then Island Claire makes a return appearance. And girlfriend needs a spa day.

Flash Sideways
Kate gets away from the marshal and kicks Claire out of the cab. Claire's still pregnant. I almost half-expected her to not be given all the other changes in the Losties' lives. Kate feels bad for leaving a pregnant Claire on the side of the street and goes back and makes nice. They go to find the couple adopting Aaron-to-be. And Claire starts to have contractions when she learns the couple will no longer be adopting the baby (which is kinda funny given how long it took her to go into labor on the Island and you could argue that was considerably more stressful). Claire freaks out in the hospital, and Kate grabs a doctor, who turns out, is Ethan (oh hai Ethan!). Now that's kinda creepy. Especially loved the line about how he didn't want to stick her with needles. Claire lies to the cops about Kate. And Kate says she's innocent. Whether that's true or not remains to be seen.

What We Learned
1. The infection was real. Rousseau wasn't crazy. Well she was. But there was a method to her madness. (How did her team get infected? Were they submerged in the spring? Or is there another way to get infected?)
2. Claire is meant to raise Aaron. Plane crash or no.
3. Island Claire is infected. And probably no longer actually Claire. But she's alive. I think.
4. So not so much an answer as another question: Was Ben put into the spring? Does that mean he was infected? Seems not since The Others would have noticed it. And he's not living wild in the jungle. Still curious though.

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Jenn said...

Some thoughts: From what I understand, Ben was put in the spring. That's how they saved his life when Sayid shot him.

I thought that the water being muddy had something to do with the infection. Last week the guy cut his hand to *test* the water and it didn't heal him -- I was guessing it was supposed to.

And, I was thinking the muddy water had something to do with Jacob's death and the monster not running around the island as Locke.