Tuesday, February 2, 2010

LOST S6ep1 & 2

Hatch Explosion Crew
Jack, Kate, Sawyer, Jin, Hurley and Sayid find themselves on the Island still, guessing that that the shoestring hydrogen bomb plan didn't work. Only now it appears that they're back in "present time" sometime in 2007. Sawyer has angry face. Like really angry face. Angriest face. "You did this Jack you stupid doctor you." "I'm sorry. I'm an idiot who can't think for myself and don't have a lick of faith in me." Juliet calls out from the rubble in the hatch crater (WAH? I thought this at the end of last season and I still wonder... How the hell did Juliet survive that fall?). They dig her out only for her to die in Sawyer's arms *tear*.

Jacob appears to Hurley and gives instructions on how to save Sayid. (Sayid gets taken to the Temple to get healed from a fatal gunshot wound. Exactly what happened to Young Ben after Sayid shot him. Interesting. Poetic justice? Tragic irony? I can never remember the difference. Still. Highly interesting.) They all take off for the Temple except Sawyer and Miles who stay behind to bury Juliet and Sawyer asks Miles to find out what she wanted to tell him just before she died. Apparently it was "It worked." Presuming that's about the shoestring hydrogen bomb plan.

Crew gets to the temple and creep down into it and see One-Armed French Guy. They get taken by the Others deeper into the Temple. Hey it's Chichen Itza. The Island is Mexico! Ghenghis Khan orders them shot. But wait Jacob sent us! Okay put him in the spring. Oops. We killed him. Shit. Sawyer and Miles join the gang in the spring room. Gotta keep the gang together of course. They request a private audience with Hurley who's like yeah, Jacob's 6 feet under. Didn't ya know? They promptly freak the fuck out. Alarms sound. People are running about securing the Temple-Chichen Itza. They set off a firework and pour ash (gunpowder?) around the edges. To keep Him out. Then they want to talk to Jack privately. Stubborn Jack. Scuffle ensues. Wait. Sayid's alive. Oh double shit.

In the Shadow of the Statue
Ben's in disbelief that he actually killed Jacob. ManInBlack-un-Locke demands to see Richard. Ben relays the message to Richard only to learn that there's a dead body outside the statue that is also Locke. The Aljira Jacob Faithful drag Ben back into the statue to confront MIB-un-Locke, who then turns into the Smoke Monster and throws them around like rag dolls and kills them. MIB-un-Locke-Smokie and Ben have a little chat about what he wants. To go home. And where is that?? Then Richard sees the fireworks from the Temple-Chichen Itza and gets the look of fearest fear in his eyes that grows exponentially at the sight of MIB-un-Locke-Smokie coming out of the Statue. "You?" "Oh hai Richie." And then he beats up Richard and takes off presumably into the jungle towards the Temple.

After some major turbulence, Oceanic Flight 815 manages to stay in the air. Wait this looks familiar. But different. We see most of our Losties. Jack. Rose and Bernard. Kate. Hurley. Locke (the real one. I think.). Sawyer. Sayid. Jin and Sun. Plus those that had gone on but wait are still alive. Boone. Charlie (who almost suffocates on a bag of heroin and Dr. Fix-It Jack saves him. Charlie's bitter "I was supposed to die." Yes, you already did Charles.)

Love that they brought back Dr. Arzt. And Frogurt had a cameo! Wonder if we'll see Steve again, er, I mean Scott. Or was it Steve? Hell I can't remember.

And Desmond! Wait!! He wasn't on the original flight. Why would he be on it this time? Not necessarily because he's supposed to be pushing a button (no Island, no button). It just seemed odd. The whole thing. How he appeared suddenly, then disappeared suddenly.

They don't appear to have any memory of the Island and what had happened. Probably more of a bit of deja vu feeling.

Plane lands. At LAX. How fitting it was that Locke and Jack were the last ones off the plane. Oceanic lost Jack's daddy's coffin. Still with those daddy issues. Locke and Jack meet up later and have a conversation about how it was the body and not really his dad who they lost. That was deep, Locke. Then Jack asks him about how he was paralyzed. Locke replies sadly that it's irreversible. According to Jack, nothing's irreversible. Maybe he's finding a bit of faith after all.

Jin and Sun get caught up in customs because Jin can't speak English to explain his business and Sun refuses to admit that she can speak English since she kinda fears her husband. Kate escapes from the Marshal, and we get the briefest of brief glimpses of Claire (Hai Claire!).

Wonder if the shoestring hydrogen bomb plan created an alternate reality.

Things we learned
1. ManInBlack-un-Locke is the Smoke Monster. And you don't want to piss him off.
2. Thou must fear ManInBlack-Smokie.
3. A wooden ankh - an Egyptian hieroglyphic character that means "eternal life" - was in the guitar case and hid a note from Jacob to Ghengis Khan, head of the Temple-Chichen Itza with some instructions.
4. Young Ben was saved from a fatal gunshot wound by drowning in a spring first.
5. I'm sure some other things but right now my mind. is. blown. And I can't think of anything else.

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It was so hard to not read your recap; I haven't had time to watch the new episode yet! Stopped by via The Bloggess. I like your Tuesday trivia.