Monday, February 22, 2010

Ice Ice Baby

Living with a man is not always easy. He leaves cups everywhere. Leaves lights turned on. Likes to warm his ice cold feet on my legs. I could go on.

With DF in Costa Rica this weekend, it was a weekend of living by myself again. Bliss. The dishes got put away correctly. The bed got made how I like it. And once again I was able to watch the morning news as I got ready for work in the morning.

I spent Saturday getting a massage and a facial and doing some shopping. Then it was Girls' Night Out at a hookah lounge. The best me day in the history of ever. And Sunday was my first bridal shower.

It was a great weekend. Full of pampering and fun wedding stuff.

Even though it was a fantastic time, I am looking forward to having to share the bed again with those ice cold feet.

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tracey said...

i'm the one with the polar bear feet here but i know what you mean. i like when i get the place to myself - i moved from home to the dorm, back home, then got married - but i like it even more when he comes home.