Monday, February 8, 2010


Yesterday morning when Cooper and I were out for a run, we came across a dog with no leash and no owner. Only he didn't turn back around after they played for a bit. I mean it was like he was obsessed with Cooper. He followed us home. The whole mile plus. And wouldn't leave him alone. It made running difficult.

We tried to call the number on his tag only no one answered. So we brought him as I couldn't stand the thought of him wandering around the street. Plus I wasn't sure if he could find his way back home. I mean how many Lassies are there in the world?

After a day of playing, play that was quite, well, er, amorous, and both dogs were passed out on the floor as I cooked dinner, I began to entertain far-reaching dreams of having a second dog to wear out Cooper.

And then the phone rang.

Dirk went back home shortly after that. (Really his name was Puppy, but I thought Dirk fit him much better.) And our house is very quiet once again.


Anonymous said...

Awww, Bless your heart! To take in a stray even for a few hours was a wonderful thing. I know that I would have been frantic if Dirk were mine and he had gotten out. He's a handsome Puppy isn't he?

I miss having a dog.

Beckles said...

Dirk looks JUST LIKE my dog, Rufus. His tail even goes up like that...Rufus is just has more black coloring.