Friday, January 29, 2010

There comes a time when inspiration is no longer needed

I think many brides when they first get engaged - hell, some of us don't wait until we're engaged or even have a boyfriend - pour through wedding magazines. Looking through the pictures dreaming of our special day.

And with the Internets and blogs, there are even more pictures to sigh over.

I stopped looking at magazines about a month or so into our engagement. But I've still been soaking up the blogs. (Some of my favorites: Manolo for the Brides, snippet & ink, A Practical Wedding, The Bride's Cafe, Southern Weddings. And that's just a small sample.)

Except my interest in all the pretty pictures has waned quite a bit lately. I think it's because I'm starting to have such a clear picture of our wedding, and these weddings online - though beautiful - are not mine.

I'm less interested in others weddings. And more interested in my own. As it should be. Though I will still look through all the pictures. Because they are so pretty. And they always look so happy.


Jenn said...

I still visit bridal blogs occasionally -- they're just so pretty! My fav is Brooklyn Bride.

Bridget said...

For some reason, I never really got into all that when I was engaged. I did spend a few afternoons on though. That stuff will straight up drive you ca-raaazy!