Thursday, January 7, 2010

Another Checkpoint

My stress levels have dropped dramatically in the last week or so. As much as I love them, let's face it. The holidays are stressful. And these most recent ones were even more so for me. I mean it's a freakin miracle I made it through with all my hair AND without throwing crap at DF's head.

Now that I've survived the holidays - yes survived. We did nothing, NOTHING, on New Year's Eve but stay home in comfy clothes, drink champagne and play Scrabble. Which was great because it was also a great big SIGH to be done with the holidays. So yes, surviving is exactly how I'd describe how I feel now that the holidays are once again behind us - I can now put the majority of my energy and focus back on the wedding. You know. That event that we're now less than 4 months away from. GAH!


It's go time. Wedding day. And it's complete chaos. I've missed the entire previous 3+ months of planning so not only do I not remember it, a lot of stuff is not done. I'm at least wearing the right dress, and DF's in a tux, but we're in the wrong place. We decide to go through with the ceremony there, and people are running around in complete confusion trying to get the ceremony started. Everything's wrong. The flowers, the cake, the bridesmaid dresses, even some of the wedding party. We're still putting favors together minutes before the ceremony starts. Finally, we line up and begin. Only it's not the ceremony we've planned out. Speeches are done during the ceremony, and when it's my sister's turn, she starts talking about her own wedding. My mom gets disgusted and walks out. It falls apart from there.


This craziest of crazy wedding dreams I had the other night was so realistic that in that place between dreaming and awake I really thought it was our wedding day, we were married and I had somehow missed three months of my life.

It was a relief when I realized that it's just my subconscious kicking me in the pants to refocus on the wedding. Not that I needed the reminder. I've been going full tilt on the wedding to do list over the last week or so.

Hair and makeup appointments and photographer booked for bridal portraits? Check. Taken dress in for alterations? Check. Ordered jewelry? Check. Picked readings? Check. Scheduled meeting with minister to go over ceremony details? Check. Invitations? Check check CHECK! Internet, invitations have been printed, envelopes have been lined, stamped and stuffed. All that is left is to seal and stick in the mailbox come March. Say it with me now.... W00T!!!!!!! The last - LAST - big essential item on the list is done done DONE! BIG weight off my shoulders. I'll post pictures eventually but not until they're in the mail.


Jenn said...

You can't be having nightmares YET! Four months is still a ways. You are seriously the most organized bride ever.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe you would actually dream of me talking about my wedding during yours...never thought I was that self centered or selfish!

Michele said...

wedding invites don't go out until March?!?! How will I ever know that late if I'm not already booked to attend your wedding? :)