Monday, December 28, 2009

Hindsight is Definitely 20/20

Our plans for Christmas Eve was dinner at my parents' house with uncles, cousins, DF and DF's parents. We left our house that afternoon to drop our stuff off at DF's parents' house as we would be spending the night there and having Christmas morning with them. After a few hours spent with them, we drove out to my parents.

Only we never actually got there. The weather had other plans for us. There was snow. In North Texas. For Christmas. This was rare. While I enjoyed the first white Christmas I ever had, the havoc the weather created on the roads was, well to put it lightly, frustrating.

We left for dinner knowing it would be slow going, the roads would be slick and it would take a lot longer than it normally would. What we didn't know was that less than 15 miles from my parents' house the highway would be shut down. It took more than 2 hours to go half a mile. I wish I were kidding.

Where the police closed the highway, people were forced to exit down into a valley. Meaning the only way out was up a hill. Did I mention the ice and slick roads? Yeah, there was much difficulty in getting up those hills and more than one car we could see in the ditches on the side of the roads.
We actually say a BMW start to go one way, change his mind and when he tried to turn around, he drove up on the curb. Only his undercarriage was caught on the ground, and he couldn't back up or pull forward. I found this highly entertaining. Of course by this point we had been in the car for more than four hours.

After some deliberation on what would be the best way to get out, we held out breath, crossed our fingers and made it up the hill to head back. Only to be stopped once again a bit later for sand trucks to spread their loads on a bridge. That luckily didn't last nearly as long, and six hours after we left, we returned to the house.

Thankfully, the rest of Christmas was not nearly as exciting and eventful. And now we have a story to remind our kids on long car trips that it's better than being at a complete stop and only moving half a mile in two hours.


BugginWord said...

Sounds like agony. I'm twitchy just from reading about it!

Jenn said...

oh no! what a horrible way to spend christmas eve - i hope the rest of your holiday was fantastic!