Monday, November 30, 2009

Thanksgiving without dressing is still Thanksgiving

I realized something this Thanksgiving.

My life is changing, including the traditions I associate with the holidays. Even some of the usual holiday food will not always be the same.

Because it's not longer just me. In less than five months, I'll be part of a pair. A package deal. You would think that new or different traditions would have been an obvious change to me by now. And it was in a way.

Only this year it was a bit clearer. Perhaps it was the lack of rolls and cornbread stuffing at Thanksgiving dinner that lit this particular light bulb.

Whatever it was, my life is changing in so many ways. In ways that I'm prepared for. And ways I've yet to realize. And even though I was a bit disappointed to miss out on dressing this year, I'm okay with the changes. Because what I'm gaining is worth everything.

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