Monday, November 9, 2009

Santa Claus, the Pimp

Scene: On our way home last night, I was explaining to DF what the Parade of Lights is.

Me: And Santa's at the end.

DF: Santa's a pimp?

Me: Sure. He does get into a lot of houses.

DF: But that doesn't mean he's a pimp.

Me: Sure it does. Why else would all those people let him in?

DF: No way.

Me: You don't know. You're not there.

DF: But there's no way with all those people that someone wouldn't talk.

Me: Why would they talk? They wouldn't get presents.

DF: Yeah but they'd get to keep the money.

Me: What money? He's Santa, not the Tooth Fairy.

DF: If he's pimping people out, he keeps most of the money.

Me: True. But if someone talks and Santa gets arrested, no one gets presents. And no one likes anyone who gets Santa arrested so he can't give out the presents.

DF: He's Santa. He can't get arrested. And... well... actually he does kinda dress like a pimp.

Me: Exactly.

DF: And you know what Santa says... Ho ho ho

Internet, I win.

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Cottage Travel said...

Well, you have single handedly destroyed my childhood images of Christmas....which is my favorite holiday...I'll never be able to look at Santa the same way again.....thanks a bunch (she said sarcastically)(sigh).