Friday, November 13, 2009

Grey's Anatomy S6ep9

Dr. Singer was so cute! What a sweet man.

Love that Owen got Cristina a cardio god(dess) as a gift. Cristina being a hard-core surgeon should appreciate that. But of course she's ungrateful until Teddy proves she's worth her respect. It's a process with Cristina. If she knows nothing about you before she meets you, you have to prove that you're worthy.

Remember when way back in the beginning Alex was this ass their group got stuck with? So they just put up with him. At some point, and it's hard to finger exactly when, Alex became a part of their group. Still an ass but now a core member of the inner circle. So much so that Meredith makes it a point to get him to talk to Izzie. And then to get him drunk when that didn't turn out well. I kinda love it.

And Richard's a drunk. Well, we knew that. But he's still drinking. The clip montage made it look like he's been drinking for a while and possibly never stopped (with Joe the bartender playing along). Though it could be that he's just started it up again recently. Maybe because of the merger. Or when their ranking dropped. Interesting to find out exactly how long he's been drinking.

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vern said...

i loved this episode of Grey's. Actually i love all the episodes from this show :D(he he). i am a huge fan of this show and love to watch episode of grey's anatomy. it is the best show i have ever watched.