Saturday, November 7, 2009

Grey's Anatomy S6ep8

Peds is not general surgery in miniature. It's miracles and magic. Love it.

Kinda liked the scene with the three couples and Callie cooking everyone breakfast. Probably not totally realistic. But it felt almost Friends-like. And then it's opposite when Owen and Cristina and Callie and Arizona were fighting. That one felt realistic.

I understand that the hospital needs to be paid for services rendered. But it still sucks that Alex got stuck with the bill. Although I don't think he would mind so much if Izzie were still around.

Alex in peds. I almost forgot how Addison used to tell him he should consider that as his specialty. Although Addison's specialty is different from peds. But Alex would be fantastic working with children either way.

Against her better judgment and at the Chief's pressuring, Arizona agrees to do the surgery. And when she finally grows a pair in the OR telling him to get the hell out, I think she may have dealt with some of her authority issues. Because the old Arizona would have talked to the parents rather than telling the Chief and Jennings to do it. I think she did a fantastic job shouldering the brunt of this episode.

Owen's right. Cristina does have a history of thinking she can get away with just about anything. Helping Burke hide the fact that he shouldn't be operating for one. And now the arrogance to perform a procedure she didn't have the authorization for. Granted if I had the choice, I would prefer a very confident surgeon to one that has to be told she's great. Because the belief, the faith that the impossible is possible is already part of the way to the desired result.

I can imagine the emotional toll of losing patients is tough for surgeons. And I imagine that for peds surgeons it can be at times worse. The emotional investment. The polarizing emotions. The incredible highs of performing miracles. And the depressing lows of losing a patient who should by all reasonable expectations have a whole future rather than such a limited one. They have tough job.

I was starting to wonder about the direction of this season as they try to move it to more single character-centric episodes rather than their typical all ensemble all the time. I wasn't too sure I was liking it. But if more episodes are like this one, I would be totally okay with it.

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Laurel said...

I agree that I have not been totally impressed with this season so far but if they continue to make the episodes more like this then I will be a happy girl!