Sunday, November 22, 2009

Grey's Anatomy S6ep10

Chief is kind of a jerk at the moment. Actually he's been kind of a jerk all season. But now especially. He asks Meredith if she told anyone about his drinking. And when he's satisified that she hasn't he makes up excuses for why he was drinking and bribes her with private lessons to keep is secret. Jerk. And that doesn't say good things about Meredith that she's so quick to accept his excuses and offer of private lessons. Of course she's always had daddy issues. And she sees the Chief more as a father figure than she does her real father. So I get that she wants to believe him. But hopefully after he told he's quitting and then she saw him drinking again on New Year's she won't be keeping that secret for much longer.

Mark has a daughter. Really not that surprising considering how much of a man whore he is. Understandably freaks Lexie out. And then she cuts her finger off. Gross. I wouldn't be surprised if Sloan turned out to not be pregnant, and she lied to take advantage of Mark. But maybe she is. It'll be interesting to see regardless.

Teddy's awesome. She gets it. A patient teetering on that last cliff needs her favorite thing to find the courage to hold on until she can get a heart. A concept that Cristina has yet to really learn.

Miranda's outburst at her father over Christmas dinner had to have been mortifying for her. The doctor who does everything she can to keep her private life out of the hospital. I'm glad she was able to stand up for herself and tell her father that it's not ideal but it really is better for her and her son that she not remain in a marriage that's unhappy.

This is why I love Owen. So many others would have kissed Teddy. But not Owen. He loves Cristina. And he stays true to her. A bit harsh to say it in Teddy's mouth like that. But Owen didn't do it to be harsh. He cares for Teddy. But he loves Cristina.

Cristina Yang when a man kissed you like that and says he loves you, he wants you. You do not ask him if he's sure! You kiss him back!!

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