Monday, November 23, 2009

Avoiding the Dreaded Title of Bridezilla by Following the Recipes for the Life of My Dreams (a book review)

Wedding planning can be stressful and overwhelming. It's like many things in life that way. The key to dealing with stress is to find the joy in life. To find ways to insert smiles, laughter and fun not just occasionally but daily. One of my secret weapons in the fight against stress is Kim and Jason. (Much less calories and easier on my ass than a pint of ice cream.)

Kim and Jason are a couple from Madison, Wisconsin, whose mission is to fight Adultitis by uncovering the secrets of childhood. I've been reading Kim and Jason's blog, well, I'm not sure for exactly how long. At least two years. Maybe more. I can't even remember how I came across their blog in the first place. I do remember being instantly attracted to what they had to say about living with a more childlike attitude.

According to, Adultitis is a common condition occurring in people between the ages of 21–121, marked by chronic dullness, mild depression, moderate to extremely high stress levels, a general fear of change, and, in some extreme cases, the inability to smile. Patients can appear aimless, discontent, and anxious about many things. Onset can be accelerated by an excess burden of bills, overwhelming responsibilities, or a boring work life. Generally, individuals in this condition are not fun to be around.

Just because we're adults - with all the responsibilities and duties that go with that noun - does not mean we have to sacrifice joy. Yes, some daily tasks can be menial, unpleasant or boring, or all three. Why don't we find ways to make them a little bit less so? Let's not give in to the stress, anger, and frustration!

That is the essence of Kim and Jason's new book There's an Adult in My Soup. Observations on where and in what shapes Adultitis can be found in our lives:

"You might have Adultitis if you consider your cell phone to be a body part. You might have Adultitis if it's dark when you leave home in the morning and it's dark when you get home, and you don't live in Alaska."

Not only that, Kim and Jason give you tips and ideas on how to release that stress and find the joy. Treatments and prescriptions for Adultitis. They range from the most simple of things to some more outrageous ideas that may seem uncomfortable at first but are so much fun.

"Laugh. The average preschooler laughs 450 times per day. The average adult laughs just 15 times per day. Quit taking yourself so seriously."

"Delight in the joys of today for we don't know how many tomorrows we will have."

Possibly one of my favorite things in this book is their take on a condition they see as potentially harmful.

"I'm officially making 'busy' a bad word, in order to avoid the trap of not only the aforementioned conversation, but mostly the mentality. It's poisonous. The funny thing is that everyone has the same amount of time, so if you are 'busy,' it's your own fault. The flaw is in you... It's all about the little choices you make every day, your time management, and your priorities. It all comes back to you."

Since reading this book, I've notice how many times I want to answer "How are you?" with that answer. It's not really an answer. We're all busy. And it doesn't even describe how I'm feeling at that particular moment. Now, I take a deep breath and answer with an enthusiastic, "I'm fantastic!" Because I am. There's so much in my life to be thankful for. And all of them make my life fantastic.

There's An Adult in My Soup is a great book for reminding you to stop and be in the moment. To enjoy life. And find what will bring you joy.

Plus it'd make a great present for just about anyone for this holiday season.

"Everyone talks about the comfort zone, about stepping out, but I don't see very many people actually doing it. I don't think it's a 'zone' that you step beyond. I think it's a wild and crazy horse ride. You have to jump on, embrace the adventure, accept the fear, and keep riding."

Grab a horse and join us for a ride.

Disclosure: Kim and Jason did not ask me specifically to do this review. They wrote a post on their blog asking for people to volunteer to review it. I raised my hand as quickly as I could and with much enthusiasm. In exchange for reading the book and posting a review, I received two free copies of There's an Adult in My Soup and a can of soup.

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