Monday, October 26, 2009

Just call me Michelangelo

At the start of a new season, I get so excited. It's all the possibilities and fun the new season promises.

Winter it's the holidays, bundling up in jackets, scarves and gloves with my nose and cheeks getting cold, comfort food, hot chocolate.

Spring it's bluebonnets, strappy sandals, skirts with bare legs.

Summer it's barbeques, pool parties, baseball, days at the lake.

Fall it's apple pie, cider, football, baseball playoffs, fairs.

Also, Halloween. Which means pumpkin carving. And I couldn't wait until later this week.

Much better than how I'd thought they turned out.


Jenn said...

Those are awesome!

Anonymous said...

They look mahvelous dahlink!

I haven't carved a pumpkin in YEARS! It would always depress me when I spent sooooo much time getting them juuuust right & some rotten, filthy squirrel would eat them.

Frank Irwin said...

Michelangelo? Does that mean that you carved these while laying on your back?

Well done!