Friday, October 30, 2009

Grey's Anatomy S6ep7

Wasn't it just last season that the Chief demanded Miranda and Erica to operate on an inoperable tumor inside a little girl? The Chief has lost something and has now forgotten compassion and the desire to make history. He's definitely taking a stroll down a dark and twisty path.

Surgery NASA style. Love that line.

Derek puking. That is something I never thought I'd see.

You don't want to mess with Lexie when she's in charge. She means business.

Have I mentioned how much I love Arizona. The woman has authority issues, but she stood up to the Chief. Awesome.

Damn. He fired Derek. The neuro god. But I loved that he refused to accept it. And instead told the Chief to go home. Yup. Chief's gone all dark and twisty. Someone had to pick up the slack when Meredith got all healed and healthy. As much as he's driving me, and Derek, crazy, the Dark and Twisty Chief makes for interesting drama.

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Miss Yvonne said...

I don't watch Grey's Anatomy, but I noticed your comment on the Bloggess so I decided to leave you one that says "Yea! Go Dallas Bloggers!" because I live there too but that sounded kind of lame so then I thought I should maybe say something like "Can you believe those cops that are arresting non-English speaking drivers here?" so that you'd be all "Cool, this chick lives in my city!" but by then I couldn't remember if it is you that lives in Dallas or someone else. So ummm....

Go Grey's Anatomy!