Friday, October 16, 2009

Grey's Anatomy S6ep5

"You can't pray away the gay." Awesome. Love seeing Callie get passionate.

Former surgical enemies are now allies since Mercy West has invaded Seattle Grace. The hospital is a playground. The sniping and underhanded comments going on just show that even intelligent doctors with advanced degrees are prone to jealousy and territorialism. I agree, their behavior is disgusting. Though I guess it makes drama. I don't know if I'd call it good drama. Interesting maybe. But hard to watch them be so cruel to others. Especially Lexie since she is normally so sweet.

Of course Izzie is going to give away advantage at the first sign of humanity. It's Izzie Stephens. She empathizes. It's what she does. And she saw a little bit of George in Charles with his crush on a girl he insists doesn't know he lives. She hoped that maybe that giant, gaping hole left when George died might get filled again.

It is so clear that Ellen Pompeo is pregnant. Though I can only tell by her face. So far they've done a good job of hiding her belly. That is until the end and then the belly was obvious.

Cristina falling apart is a bit unnerving. And I never thought I'd hear her say she misses Burke. Though she hasn't had a good teacher in cardio-thoracic since he left.

If Cristina falling apart was unnerving, then Alex crying because Izzie left him was heart breaking. No wonder Alex acts like such a jerk to keep people out. Whenever he opens himself up, he gets stomped all over. I get why Izzie left She blames Alex for talking to the Chief. She doesn't realize that he was trying to stick up for her. She feels betrayed by the person who is always supposed to support her. And she probably wants to wallow in the shame of being fired. I get it.

That was a very touching story from Arizona. I like that she is named for the battleship and not the state. But what I like even more is that her father didn't flinch when he found out she's a lesbian, only being concerned that she still retains the values and core belief systems he taught her.

Having Seattle Grace merge with Mercy West is a great way to shake up the series so it doesn't get stale. I just can't decide if I like it or not.

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