Friday, October 9, 2009

Grey's Anatomy S6ep4

Back to the beginning. Our favorite doctors, now residents, are back to fighting over and sniping surgeries. Just like in season 1.

I get Meredith's hesitancy to be a donor for her father. He's not her father. Not in the way that matters. He abandoned her. Meredith may be all healed and happily married to Derek, but your father abandoning you is not something you forget right away and then have a happy, healthy relationship with him.

Of course Lexie is devastated. Thatcher was a dad to her. In every way that he wasn't one to Meredith. She lost her mom suddenly. And now it looks like she might lose her dad. If there's anything she can do to save him, she's going to do all of it that she can.

An 80-year-old man wants surgery for an erection. He's living in the now. Yet his son doesn't understand his desire to have a dangerous surgery for pleasure, for happiness. Why do we never truly learn the importance of living in the now until we've lived most of our lives? Or we get the worst possible news no matter what our age is.

Mark, heehee, "And there's nothing wrong with dating a younger woman. It keeps you young, and that's my professional opinion." Love it.

It's amazing how Thatcher and Richard can sit and have a conversation civilly. I'm not sure many men would be able to no matter how long ago the affair was.

Cristina had to shave 80-year-old balls. That was the best prank.

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