Saturday, October 3, 2009

Grey's Anatomy S6ep3

Izzie's wig was awesome only because it made her look like Jenny the Bloggess when she wears a wig.

Cristina trying for peds. She knows she's not made for peds. But she doesn't care because she hopes it will save her during the merger. I'm just glad once Arizona realized that Cristina was using her she refused to be used that way. Though I am a little disappointed that it took Callie pointing it out to her. How could she not tell during their rounds that peds and Cristina do not a good fit make?

If it wasn't clear to me before how great Owen is for Cristina, it became so in this episode. She's even more intense, if that were possible, thanks to the merger. And when she asks him to declare her his "guy," he refuses. Because he knows it wouldn't be a good thing. For either of them. And when she walks off in a little huff, he smiles. That's love.

It's understandable that everyone's freaked about the merger. I would be. When what you depend on to survive gets yanked out from under you, you're bound to panic. But the only ones who seem to get the point of a hospital merger are Arizona and Derek. They're the only ones focusing on what's right in front of them: their patients and helping them get better. Owen gets it too, forcing Cristina to look at the ball in front of her instead of what hasn't happened yet.

It's hard to blame Izzie for diving into her work. Isn't that what we all do when we're hurting badly? Throw ourselves into busy work so we don't have to think about what's going on. I love Alex for making sure she's taking her meds. He's right when he insists that she has to start taking care of herself. It's rather cute to watch these two figure out what being married means for them. Especially since they didn't really plan to get married but rather took that leap because of Izzie's cancer.

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