Thursday, October 8, 2009

Girl Talk Thursday: Roommates

Girl Talk Thursday is a weekly discussion of things our guys don’t want to talk about so we talk to our girls.

This week’s topic: roommates. I think it’s supposed to be roommate horror stories, but I’d rather talk about the good times I had.

I’ve had many roommates in my life. There was my sister and my brother when we shared a room for a few years when we were little. Then we moved and my brother got his own room leaving just me and my sister until we moved again and we had the wonderful privilege of spending our teen years in separate rooms (wise choice Mom & Dad!).

Then college. With the exception of my freshman year, all wonderful girls who I had a fabulous time with. But there’s one group of girls that stands out in mind. Maybe because we took a leap of faith when we decided to live together in a city where none of us knew anyone. Regardless, we had a ton of fun.

The girls I lived with in Boston were an entertaining group. Two came from the Midwest and the other girl and myself from Texas . Prior to moving to Boston , we had only met each other for a weekend of apartment hunting.

In the name of getting to know each other and our new neighborhood, we decided to visit some of the local bars. Much later, after a few bars and many drinks, we stumbled home giggling.

As we walked up the stairs, we wondered about the guys that lived in the apartment below us. My fellow Texan decided we should meet them. So she knocked on the door and walked right into the apartment when the door was opened. So it was that we met the guys that lived below us. And five years later, one of my roommates married one of those guys.

Then there was Computer Guy. My roommate’s window had a perfect view of the apartment across the alley from us. Computer Guy sat at his computer. That’s pretty much what he was doing every time we saw him in his apartment. Until…

One night while enjoying midnight margaritas and a movie, she was walking into her room when she noticed Computer Guy having sex. We quickly made another pitcher of margaritas and took the popcorn into her room to watch the other show. What? Sex with windows open is begging for an audience.


Vic said...

not begging, screaming (and practically offering money for onlookers!)

Anonymous said...

We had ridiculous names for all the people on our floor. Like "Totally Random Girl" who would stop you in the bathroom to tell you a long story that made no sense. She lived with "Zit-Popping Girl" who would spend, I kid you not, at least a half hour every day standing in the bathroom POPPING HER ZITS.

Kelly @ The Miller Mix said...

Hey - I did the same thing! I moved to Boston with two random girls I met on a school message board. We came together for a whirlwind weekend of apartment hunting and then had an amazing first year there together. What school did you go to? We were all at Emerson.

Becky Mochaface said...

We all went to Emerson too. 2003-2005 was when I lived in Boston.

Cheryl said...

LOL. Love it! It's like a Friends episode. :)

Elisa, The Unlikely Housewife said...

Absolutely! It's like that scene in SATC where they are all watching Carrie's neighbors having sex. That was definitely begging for an audience :-)

I have roommates stories too. Like the time one of them brought in two baby pythons after being repeatedly told that we couldn't have pets, especially NOT snakes since a couple of them where scared of them. I was one of them :-)

So when she took one out and approached me trying to convince me to pet it because they were sooo cute, I told her to step away or she would be flying out the window together with her snakes.

I know. I get mean when I'm scared.