Thursday, October 22, 2009

Every good dog deserves a lap dance every now and then

Whenever DF and I come a certain way home, we pass a suspicious establishment.

At first we didn't notice it because it's not the sort of place that sticks out.

Set back from the road, small, a little shady, a few cars in the parking lot.

But once we did, we never pass by it without some sort of comment.

The Velvet Snout.

The signs in the window talk about dog boarding and pet day care, but we know that those signs are just a facade so the cops don't shut them down.

I've seen the kinds of dogs that go in there. They don't look like they're looking forward to a walk and nice game of fetch. But like they're about to see some boobies.

We're thinking about taking Cooper there when he's old enough.

P.S. The Velvet Snout? Seriously. Who names a pet boarding/day care place The Velvet Snout? If nothing else, I get a giggle every time I drive by it.


Laura Couch said...

LOVED your comments about The Velvet Snout. Yes, funny name but it comes from a good place. I am the owner of The Velvet Snout and it started because I own a very high energy, fun, fun, fun German Shepherd named Asher. Well, Asher is Sable in color and this makes her face very dark, and soft--like Velvet. I kiss her face and rub my cheek along her Snout and regularly tell her she has a Velvet Snout. Thus was born a dog daycare, boarding, grooming and training facility because of the love for her and the NEED for something like this for my high energy baby--and the name came from that face of hers!! She's now 8 and I currently own two more German Shepherds who, quite interestingly also have Velvet Snouts!! We hope you see more Velvet Snout's in the future both in brick and mortar form and in your own home or the homes of your friends and loved ones! They ALL have Velvet Snout's!!
Laura Couch
The Velvet Snout

Becky Mochaface said...

Thanks Laura! I love learning the back stories for interesting business/organization names. I hope we'll get the chance to bring Cooper in for a good time. ;-)

Laura Couch said...

Oh please do!!! Good time guaranteed!!

shellykane said...

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