Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Apple Chronicles, Chapter 375

My friends, it is time for the next chapter of the book known as The Death and Tragedy of Becky's iPods: A drama. (Catch up here, here, and here)

After almost 7 months since the last refurbished iPod I obtained, I got a nice little message when I tried to listen to it urging me to connect Orson (that's the iPod) to my computer to restore it.

So I did.

Only it wouldn't restore.

I tried several more times. Still nothing.


I weighed my options: 1. buy a brand new iPod. But with a honeymoon and the all important wedding shoes to save up for, I wasn't too keen on this one. 2. Take advantage one more time of the replacement plan I purchased with the original plan (best purchase I ever made that replacement plan).

I went with option 2. And it's a good thing I did as the replacement plan expires in a couple weeks.

So, now I'm on iPod #5 in not quite as many years. I'm averaging about an iPod a year. Does that seem normal to anyone? Cause it doesn't to me.

Yes granted the last three have all been refurbished so they're not going to last as long as a brand new one. But iPod #2 lasted 13 months. Not long enough for something that's supposedly top of its product class.

It's the Curse of the iPod, and I don't know what I did to bring the full extent of its wrath down upon me.

Any bets on when I'll have to buy a new one?

btw - If Best Buy ever decides to severely limit the replacement plans on the iPods, you can blame me.


Jenn said...

Not normal. But glad you have a new one! Good thing you don't have the same luck with computers :)

Anonymous said...
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