Saturday, September 26, 2009

Grey's Anatomy S6ep1 & 2

This was a hard episode to watch. All of the pain. And people trying to alleviate their pain by yelling at each other, their friends, their people. That was incredibly hard to watch and more than once I teared up.

George's death has taken people to the extremes. Bailey is extra mean. Cristina is extra intense. Meredith is extra lovey (whoever thought that would happen?). Alex is extra jerky. Callie is extra crazy.

Clara was interesting and difficult for me to connect with. I don't understand how someone can refuse to call her support system, her family when things are that critical. If I'm missing a limb, I want my mom.

"Be careful darling. I made that ankle from scratch." I'm so stealing that line when I have kids.

Love Arizona! "Dude are you crying?" "I have authority issues. Walk away Karev." I forgot how much I loved her.

Bailey, who once yelled at Izzie for caring too much, broke down in the elevator because she cares too much. Probably one of the most touching moments of the whole premiere. That woman is a hard, tough shell on the outside but just a gooey mess of emotion on the inside.

I'm glad that someone finally went up to Amanda to yell some sense into her considering her crazy, daily vigil outside the hospital. For like a month. But I think there were better words Izzie could have used. Like, "George was a surgeon. He had a purpose. To save lives. And yours was the last one he saved. Don't let that be in vain. Go, live your life." Of course, Izzie would have been more yell-y.

Love Lexie being jealous of Callie. Clearly, irrational. But she's still nervous about her hot boyfriend (I'll be keeping that shower scene recorded for a while. RAWR!) and his ex bed friend now neighbor. And I loved how Callie was like, he doesn't look at my boobs anymore. Totally see Mark as a boob man, eyes constantly trained down instead of high level.

Cristina and Owen look so natural together. Even in the shrink's office. Talking and laughing, they are so freaking cute.

Was it just me or was there more sniping and conniving? More so than usual that is? And based on the merger with Mercy West announcement and previews for next week, that doesn't look to be going away any time soon? I think the show is shifting its storytelling methods a bit. Which could be interesting, possibly refresh some things.

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vern said...

season premier of Grey's Anatomy was just fantastic i loved every bit of it. i am huge fan of this show and i just can't miss to watch Grey's Anatomy