Thursday, August 13, 2009

Month 3 Day 15

A couple months ago, I mentioned several bloggers that I like a little (read: a lot) more than most. Not that I have favorites. Ok I do. Well, Shauna at is it 5 o'clock yet has written a book called Heaping Spoonful. I haven't had the pleasure to read it yet, but she was in Plano tonight at Legacy Books doing a book read. Naturally, I HAD to go. I really had no other option.

I was a little nervous beforehand. I mean what do you say to someone you kinda know but you don't KNOW? But y'all, she walked right up and gave me a big hug. She talked about her blog and her book and dropped a few mentions of vagina, midget porn and ballsack. Then she signed my book, and we talked blogs, Twitter and writing as a cathartic release.

Shauna and I

Also, tonight my friend Michele arrived in Dallas from Boston for a long weekend. She brought us the best cupcakes ever. S'mores, her signature cupcake. We ate one giant one in the bar.

S'mores cupcakes minus one

All gone

Michele and I


shauna said...

Thank you, Becky, for coming to the reading!


Anonymous said...

Those cupcakes look fucking excellent.

Cary said...

I like cupcakes.

Better than ShutTheFuckUpcakes.

Elisa, The Unlikely Housewife said...

Shauna is awesome, I had the pleasure of meeting her at BlogHer, where I proceeded to make an ass of myself by talking her ear off about completely silly stuff. In my defense, I don't drink much, so I was still half-drunk and already half hangover from the night before.

She, however, is awesome. So is her blog. And I'm sure her book too! I really should get a copy.

Michele said...

Those cupcakes ARE awesome. Love that the only photo you got of us was me looking completely stoned (so NOT the case)