Thursday, August 13, 2009

Dream a Little Dream

When I stress, it affects my dreams. So it doesn't surprise me to have dreams, or nightmares, about the wedding. I was a little shocked that I had the first one so soon, just days after getting engaged.

I guess I was already really stressed. Anyway.

There have been several dreams now. All pretty funny looking back on them from the perspective of consciousness. But while I was in them, I might has well been facing Freddy Krueger for the terror and anxiety I was feeling.

  1. In one dream, DF wasn't wearing a tux and instead was wearing a linen shirt and linen pants that I've seen at several beach weddings. I was wearing a monstrosity of a dress and had forgotten to take the curlers out of my hair.
  2. In another dream, I went to get my hair done and the girl butchered it. All different lengths and really choppy. My bangs weren't even at all. And they were about an inch and a half above my eyebrows at the longest point.
  3. At a third dream wedding, only 10 people showed up. And DF and I didn't know a single one of them.
  4. And the last one I can remember, my sister was the bride at my wedding instead of me. And no one would listen when I would try to tell them that it was my wedding.
All of the dreams have been so vivid that for a brief time after I wake up, I'm not entirely sure they weren't real.

Luckily, I don't have one every night. At least not yet. The closer we get to it, the more often I'll probably have them.

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