Friday, July 31, 2009

Location Location Location

I know I've been a kinda mum on the wedding stuff. Well that's because I didn't have a date set or a location picked out.

But I do now!! And let me tell you getting this nailed down was about as tough as I expected it to be. It seemed at first that every place I really liked was either already booked for the time frame I wanted or DF didn't like it or it just wouldn't work with my budget. But I did manage to find just about the perfect place.

May I present to you... City Club in downtown Fort Worth, Texas.

The ceremony will be in the fourth floor gallery. The reception on the third floor in the ballroom.

Some reasons why I love this place: Ceremony and reception in the same building without a room needing to be flipped. A great downtown location! It's very elegant without being over the top. My dad would probably add the covered parking with a covered walkway from the garage to the building. Which yes will be very nice if it's raining (possible given the time of year) so our guests won't get wet on their way inside.

So that's where DF and I will be getting married. On APRIL 24, 2010! Ack! Less than 9 months away! But I'm going to enjoy every second of it.

Next decisions... photographer, florist. And, of course, the DRESS!

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Jeremy & Jenni said...

Beckerooni! I am so excited for you. Awesome awesome awesome. I can't wait to watch you evolve into Bridezilla. "What? This ice sculpture is entirely too small! And the napkins are supposed to be mocha, not chocolate! It's all wrong!"