Thursday, July 2, 2009

I think my hangover is finally gone

Boston. Crap, I love that city something ridiculous. It has a certain amount of charm that no matter how hard it tries, Dallas just doesn't have. Or at least that particular kind of charm. I guess Dallas is charming in it's own way. I mean there are definitely nice parts. Don't get me wrong. I like Dallas. Just not as much as Boston at times. Damn it. I'm rambling.


I took DBF to Boston. Because I love the city. And he's never been. That and it had been two years since I had been back and that's just WAY too long to go without some Boston love. We didn't do just a whole lot but I did manage to give a little bit of a tour to DBF.

We went to Fenway Park.

Took a walking tour of the historical sites with Benjamin Franklin. (Well technically he was James Otis but before that tour I had no idea who James Otis was and thought he looked more like Benjamin Franklin anyway.)

Hung out in the Public Garden (my FAVORITE part of the city).

Hung out in some of my favorite Boston bars.

(Please excuse the faces. We drank a lot LOT of beer that night.)

Where at one bar I had the best fucking sandwich anywhere. Which is why I'm stroking the menu. I was so excited to be getting a zuni roll. Like I said. Two years is a long time to go without Boston love.

There was lots of food. And lots of beer. Lots and lots of beer.


Jenn said...

I miss Boston! Looks like SO. MUCH. FUN!

Um, and yeah, I'm still waiting for *other* pics.

Michele said...

For reference, that AWFUL photo of me is not due entirely to the beer, but the REALLY dark mood lighting and bright camera flash.

I love Boston's charm too.