Monday, July 6, 2009

Hanging with Mr. Cooper

We had a really really busy weekend. Busier than normal. And busier than some recent weekends. Which considering how busy we've been since May, that's saying something.

I've wanted a dog for a long time. And since we started planning on buying a house, I knew I would soon be able to get a dog (I had wanted to wait until I had a yard). The running joke in my family was about how long it would take me to get one. Well for various reasons, we had decided to wait until after we came back from Boston.

While I had really wanted a beagle, DBF wasn't too keen on the breed. So after looking up several breeds and doing some searching on Petfinder, we decided to just go visit a shelter and see what we might find there.

So Friday we did just that. And we found this guy...

His name is Cooper. He's a redbone coonhound mix, and he's about 5 months old. And this is the best picture since he always gets distracted by the wrist strap and lens cap of my camera whenever I try to get a picture of him.

He likes chewing on things and doesn't discriminate. Anything will do. Clothes, my hair, my jewelry, feet, remotes. But his favorite is shoes (GASP! Closet door WILL be CLOSED all the time now). In particular shoe laces.

Right now he's all legs. And it's hilarious to watch him run as he reminds me of a gangly teenager that looks uncomfortable in his body.

He likes to stare at himself in the full-length mirror in our bedroom and try to bite his reflection and bark at himself. It's really quite cute and adorable. But who am I kidding. Just about anything this dog does is cute and adorable. Especially when he gives me the puppy eyes look. Which he is VERY good at.

I knew we had to get him when DBF refused to give him up at the shelter. And speaking of DBF, I guess I should really start calling him DF now.

That's right! DBF asked THE question. You know. The one that begins with Will and ends with Me and has You Marry in the middle. And the only response I could think to give him was naturally and quite rightly YES!

Friday after we got home with Cooper, I left to go to the grocery store as we had zero food. And he stayed home with the dog since we didn't want to leave him by himself just yet.

So I got home and immediately went in to say hi to Cooper and while I was petting him, DF said there's something on his collar. So thinking it was just a piece of lint, I half-assed looked at the collar. And not finding anything, I stood up. DF then became quite insistent. "No, really, there's something on his collar." And he bent down and turned it around to show me.

Damn, he did a perfect job with the ring.

I wasn't sure what it was at first. And then I thought it was a fake ring someone had left on his collar for some reason (I know, what the hell was I smoking?). Then I realized that in fact the ring was real. And it was for me.

And now we're engaged. Betrothed. And I am so far up on cloud nine, I'm not sure I'll ever come down. (Not to mention the amount of blog material I'm going to have from the dog and wedding. And that doesn't even include the house.)


Elisa said...

Congratulations! And the new pup is adorable :-)

melody said...

AWWWW, that is so sweet! I'm so happy for you! You guys look so happy in that pic, what a cute little family :-)

christine lynd said...

Are those rubies on the band? Very nice! The dog is adorable. You are brave to get a puppy! Do you have a wedding date in mind?

Michele said...

woo hoo! *tears in my eye. Congrats to you both! Hugs from both Stephen and me!

Jenn said...

OMG your ring is GORGEOUS! And, um, so is your dog (seriously, cannot wait to meet Cooper. He is adorable)! I am so happy for you guys!
Thanks for posting pics!

Spamboy said...

Congratulations! That's amazing news -- the engagement, that is. The dog, yeah, well... :)

Anonymous said...

congratulations! the ring is beautiful! the dogs cute too!