Thursday, June 18, 2009

I Should Have Had More Faith But I Watch Too Much TV to Really Trust His Handy Abilities

We've been in the house now for almost three weeks. It feels natural. To be living in a house. With a boy.

There's still things that need to get organized and put away. Walls that need to be painted. Plus updates that we want to make to the kitchen. But we're in. And living together.

And so far, things have been great. He's handy to have around. Like when I was having trouble getting a jar open the other day. Normally, I would try and try and eventually bang it on the counter trying to get it opened. But I didn't exert myself. I just let him use his man muscles to open the jar for me.

And yesterday morning we had the first thing in the house break. Our shower head. While I was in the shower. With shampoo in my hair. I heard a snap like the switch that turns on the shower had gotten loose because the water pressure on my head went way down. So I had assumed water was coming out the faucet. Then I turned around. Nope. It was coming out the back of the shower head. Spraying over the doors onto the floor. Definitely made the rest of my shower interesting. And shorter.

So we took a trip to Lowe's. (Another one. I lost count how many trips to Lowe's we've taken after the fourth time.) And got a new shower head. DBF was certain he could install it.

Friends, I must confess. I felt a little like Claire Huxtable. Remember The Cosby Show when something would break in the house and Cliff would get his toolbelt out? The whole family would groan and beg him to just bring in a plumber/electrician/handyman to fix the problem. But he would insist on doing it himself. Only he would make the problem much worse. And more expensive to fix.

So I had a little trepidation while DBF set out to replace our shower head with a much more awesome one. As it turns out, he's much handier than I thought. Shower head is installed and is working. I'll gladly give him the win on this one.


Jenn said...

I have those same thoughts all the time. I like it when I'm proved wrong, but, sadly, that isn't always the case.

Michele said...

LOL, how much do you two love Lowes - or Home Depot? I still get giddy every time we decide to start a new project and I get to go shopping. :)