Thursday, June 11, 2009

I Feel the Need

I read a lot of blogs. A lot. I don't say that to brag. Okay maybe just a little. But I've always read a lot. Books, magazines, I even would read the cereal box while I ate breakfast just because I felt like I needed to read something. So blogs is are a natural, online extension of my need. My need to read.

And there's a wide variety of blogs in my reader. Everything from marketing/public relations blogs. To Red Sox blogs. To shoe blogs. To LOST/Grey's Anatomy. Local blogs. Food blogs. Like I said. A broad range.

But there are only a handful that I really look forward to reading every day. That when I see a new post for these particular blogs in my reader I skip ahead to read them first. And since I have shared books I read with you, I thought I'd give you a list of the blogs I read. You can find them also over to the right in my blog roll, but I wanted to give these a special shout out.

a home in the making - a blog about renovating and decorating written by relatively new homeowner and my friend IRL Jennifer. We went to graduate school together and are still close even though I'm back in Texas and she's back in Oregon. She's got exquisite taste.
Dooce - You would think everyone's heard of Dooce aka Heather Armstrong. I only discovered her last summer. Her photography is beautiful. But it's the posts about the everyday parts of life that I look forward to the most. - A British writer that recently moved to San Francisco, Anna doesn't really write about anything in particular. Her posts are often random and winding. But I find them humorous and entertaining.
PR Moonlighting - another blog written by a RL friend, this one is Michele. She lives in Boston. And her blog is kinda like mine. It's whatever she wants to write about.
Seth's Blog - Seth Godin is well-known in marketing circles as a marketing guru. The high praise may make him uncomfortable, but it's well deserved. He knows what the hell he's talking about. His posts are often short, blunt and right on the mark. Just like I like them.
The Bloggess - The Bloggess' posts are also really very random. And often punctuated with her use of vagina and swear words. I often have to clamp my hand over my mouth to keep from laughing aloud and having everyone around me think I'm insane.
is it 5 o'clock yet? - I only recently discoved Shauna thanks to Frontburner. She's not afraid to talk about midget porn, her safe for her sex toys and what life would have been like if she had driven home after too much wine. Blunt, hilarious and fearless.

Looking back on this list, it's clear to me that I really like writing that is random, blunt and often filled with swear words and mentions of vagina. Since I heard that people judge you based on the company you keep continually growing up, this is probably pretty telling of me.

Oh well. Please pass my vagina another beer. She's thirsty.


Jenny, the Bloggess said...

Next time I see you I'm buying your vagina a beer.

Michele said...

Thanks for all the new blog reads, especially that PR Moonlighting blog. That's some good reading.

And Jenny, as usual, slays me. I can't promise I'll buy your vagina a beer when you visit, but how shocked do you think Stephen and John would be? Hmmm...

shauna said...

jenny's bringing the beer, i'm bringing the porn.

sounds like a party.

Jenn said...

I'm slipping vagina into a few of my posts -- just for you!

Thanks for the mention. I do not deserve to be on a list with those blogs! :)

jill said...

Great blog list...and yours is one I look forward to. And I will TRY and work vagina in somewhere :)

Becky Mochaface said...

Thanks you guys! It means a lot.

scaryazeri said...

Thanks for these, I came to yours via red boat blog comments section...
looked up some of the blogs you recommended, and they look great. there is too much boring crap out there, so this was quite useful!

Thanks from scary azeri.