Friday, May 29, 2009

One last night

Tonight is it. The final night before the big move. The last night I'll spend living alone.

Normally, a Friday night would find me at DBF's place or him at mine. But for this Friday night, we decided to spend it separately to finish packing. And of course relish that last night alone.

While I'm looking forward to sharing a house with DBF, part of me is really kinda sad to leave my apartment. I've been here for almost 3 years. I've been through a lot here. And it is the one and only place I've lived completely by myself. No family. No roommates.

So tonight, I'll order Chinese. Maybe open a bottle of wine. Pop in a chick flick. And finish packing.

And tomorrow, I'll take that next step in my life. And move in with a boy.


Anonymous said...

Enjoy it. Savor it. Sleep in the MIDDLE of the bed. Then look forward to living with a boy. They *do* have their perks. Opening stuck jelly jars, killing creepy-crawlies, etc....

Jenn said...

Hope moving goes well tomorrow! :)