Thursday, May 14, 2009

LOST S5ep16

What the fuck.

If Season 6 starts off with everyone landing at LAX safely, I'm going to be pissed off.

I'm really hoping that Miles was right and not Daniel. That the hydrogen bomb is actually what caused the Incident and not the electromagnetic stuff.

So we've waited 3 seasons for Jacob. And the first episode he's in he dies. Awesome.

I did find it interesting how he visited all the Losties. But the most interesting thing was how he actually had a conversation with Hurley. The others it was just brief encounters. As if he was checking on something. But it was different with Hurley. Why?

I knew there was something more to Locke. Turns out he's not exactly angel like Starbuck but he still had a specific purpose. More devil like actually. More evil. So I guess Locke is now a bad guy? Which is too bad as he's been one of my favorite characters from the beginning. So he's now inhabited - or something - by the guy from the beginning of the episode. But who is that guy? Does Jacob have a younger brother who is incredibly jealous of Jacob's position as supreme being/ruler of the Island?

What is up with Ilana and her group? Looks like she was trying to save Jacob but was too late. Ben showing that he's never worked out his daddy issues from his childhood had transferred all those feelings from his dad to Jacob. And just like he killed his dad, he killed Jacob. Okay, well the final blow came from Locke/whoever-that-is but still. Those stabs were raw emotion.

Still have no idea who or what Richard is.

Sad to see Juliet die (I'm presuming that's the major death that has been touted recently) but am so, SO glad it's not Sawyer that's dead. His grief over her death was quite touching. I'm a Skater fan all the way. Have been from the beginning. But with Juliet Sawyer had grown up and shown maturity in a way that he never had before. He was genuine. For once. And that was the really touching part for me.

OMG, how the hell am I going to make it to January of next year?

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Jason said...

"Anybody else wanna theorize that Bernard found the islands box of fake beards?"

Favorite blog entry I found about the finale!