Friday, May 15, 2009

Grey's Anatomy S5ep21&22

Oh. My. God.


George enlisted in the Army. That's a shocker (sarcasm in case you can't smell it). What was the shocker was that he was the Prince Charming. The nothing-special guy that saved a girl's life. And that pretty much sums up George O'Malley in one sentence. Except that he's not special. He's exceptional. George gets (got?!) a rough time of it from just about everyone. From his ill-fated crush on Meredith, to his ill-fated marriage to Callie, to his ill-fated relationship (or whatever that was) with Izzie, to repeating his intern year, George has had a rough time. But he's always been there for everyone. Even for Alex who has treated him like shit from the beginning. And he was there for a complete stranger. That final part where he was in uniform (which seemed a bit odd since he hadn't even been issued a uniform yet) looking at Izzie in her prom dress was heartbreaking. And not at all what I expected.

If Izzie wasn't sick, she and Alex wouldn't have gotten married. That much is plain when he tells her to make the decision about the scary surgery on her own. And then when she does make the decision, and it's a different one than what he thinks she should do, he gets mad at her. Those are issues that are most of the time worked out before marriage. But he loves her. Deeply. So much so that he drills her like a sargeant on different facts in attempts to work her memory. He doesn't want to have her body and not her. He doesn't want her to live like that. Never mind that that is what she asked him to do. He doesn't want it either. Alex loves Izzie. I love seeing the two of them together. Even the awkward sad parts when he's yelling at her because he's frustrated. And scared. It just shows that much more how he truly loves her. When she starts coding at the end, and Alex refuses to show the DNR any respect, demanding that Izzie not leave him, I couldn't stop the tears from rolling down my face. George or Izzie is going to die. I really think so. Possibly even both. Izzie we've been expecting. But not George. That's the hard part.

Poor Bailey. She's fought for her marriage. Really fought for it. And she's now realized that it's over. Even if she gave in to Tucker's ultimatum, it wouldn't last. And she knows that. Really knows that. I hate to see her give up the peds fellowship. Especially because she would have been phenomenal. But I can understand why she feels the need to stay in general surgery because of her son. It just shows more of Bailey's character.

Chief plays dirty, bringing out shiny, new robots to bribe Bailey back to general surgery. Arizona was hilarious trying to stand up to him and crying at the same time because of her "authority issues." Then when she gets so excited for Bailey and insists that they're going to get her some Wheely sneaks. All I gots to say is thank goodness for Arizona in this episode. She brought some much needed lightness to an episode that was fraught with drama and emotion.

Mark was SO cute asking Lexie to move in with him. And she clearly not picking up what he was laying down at first. Then they had that whole awkward marriage conversation that they're clearly not ready for. I must say again how much I love the two of them together. And not just because I love Mark.

Meredith and Derek get married by Post-It. That's definitely more appropriate - and I hate to say it, but romantic too - for the two of them than a church-y church wedding. Loved that moment with Cristina and Meredith where she hands her sticky notes and a pen for her Something Old, Something New, etc. That's so them.

And Cristina and Owen get back together. They finally have the courage to be together. To say things are not 100% but I love you too much to let another day go by without being with you. Again, the best romance on this show. By far.

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