Friday, May 8, 2009

Grey's Anatomy S5ep20

I liked Izzie narrating. Though I wish they would just get rid of the narration at the beginning and end of episodes all together. I don't ever listen to what Meredith says as the narrator.

Who works on their wedding day? I know Derek and Meredith are not wedding people. But still. Take the day off.

A lot of weird things that didn't really feel right in this episode. Mark trying to intimidate Meredith and running around pondering if Mer-Der are going to last 50 years. Callie giving Arizona the cold shoulder. Even George trying to come to grips with losing six patients in one shift didn't feel quite right. Though I did like the lesson Owen taught him about trauma being more about team effort than individual doctor heroes. And what was the deal with Lexie?

That poor college student. Waiting to start living until she was done with school. Don't wait! Live for now! Because tomorrow is not a guarantee. And that's what Izzie and Alex did. They know their future is not certain. So they didn't wait. And I can't blame them. Speaking of the valedictorian, are there colleges that have valedictorians? I ask because there was no valedictorian at Texas A&M. DBF thinks maybe it's something small colleges do. Which would kinda make sense because A&M's huge so there's no way there could be a valedictorian.

On the whole I didn't like this episode. It felt too cobbled together. Too loose. Like it doesn't really fit into the fabric that is Season 5 in the greater quilt of Grey's Anatomy. The seams didn't seem to line up with the episode from last week. I guess we'll see if it makes more sense with next week's finale.

UPDATE: Wait, I totally forgot that it was the 100th episode. Totally sucked for how much they hyped it being the 100th episode.

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