Friday, May 1, 2009

Grey's Anatomy S5ep19

It's understandable why Lexie forgave Thatcher and Meredith didn't. Thatcher was actually a dad to Lexie. To Meredith he was just this phantom figure, who she knew was her father but who played no role in her life until recently.

What I don't quite understand is why she sees the Chief as more of a father figure. I understand why he thinks of her as a daughter. But not her side of it.

As much as I may question Callie jumping from relationship to relationship, I think I like Arizona the best. I liked George and Erica during their times too, but Arizona's way better. First off she's hotter. Second, she's more compassionate (compared to Erica) and has more guts (compared to George).

I love that Meredith is doing the whole wedding thing for Izzie. So she has something to take her mind off the cancer. What I really love though is Bailey and the way she is approaching Izzie being sick by calling her mom, then giving her the excuse to tell her mom to go home, then the aggressive surgery. Bailey, as much as she tries to distance herself, or as much as she convinces herself that she's kept all these people at a distance, cares very deeply for Izzie.

mom was perfect. Exactly what I expected Izzie's mom to be like. Bubbly, rambling and a believer in her own type of medicine - the power of psychics. I thought they were hilarious and worked well together.

That little girl that shot her father was about the cutest thing. What a powerful story. I've seen a lot of domestic violence stories where the kid eventually stands up to the father (usually it's the father) in defense of the mom. But the kid's always way older. Not 6. I can't even begin to imagine what kind of therapy bills that girl will have when she gets older.

Poor Mark. Things are different with Lexie. He knows that. She's not just another conquest. Another notch on his belt. But he's still struggling with his past reputation as a womanizer. Because a womanizer does not do well with the parents. But I loved loved LOVED how he came through for her at the end.
Did notice how Lexie struggled with whether or not to call Mark her boyfriend. Clearly, they haven't had the talk yet, and she's afraid it'll freak him out.

Cristina and Owen. They are enough to make a girl cry. In fact, I almost did. He loves her. He LOVES her. There is no doubt. For either of them. The incredibly torturous part is that he knows he can't be with her. (At least not right now, as I'm sure they'll come back together. And this one I hope and pray lasts because they're AMAZING.) And as they're both crying, Cristina gives him what he needs. The emotional space to heal. Damn. Cristina is a strong woman.

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