Thursday, April 30, 2009

LOST S5ep14

The reveal that Widmore was Daniel's father was a little bit of a shock. But that's because we didn't know Eloise was an Other/Hostile. Once Daniel mentioned that little fact, it wasn't long before I posed the question to DBF regarding Daniel's true paternity. So Widmore had a wife/girlfriend/sex buddy on the Island and some fun off the Island. Wonder if Widmore and Eloise were together before or after he was the Other's leader. And what that whole drama was. Did Eloise have Daniel on the Island? Or did she leave when she found out she was pregnant?

Why didn't Sawyer just say that he realized Phil wasn't really Dharma and that's why he's tied up in the closet? Of course, I'm not sure they would have believed him anyway since Sawyer and gang suddenly appeared in their camp 3 years ago without much of an explanation. Kinda raises the suspicion once again. No matter how long he's lived as one of them.

Juliet looked pissed that Sawyer called Kate Freckles. When she announced that they were done there (there being Dharma-ville), it almost seemed as if she really meant her and Sawyer. And Kate looked as if she understood what Juliet was saying, even though Sawyer probably didn't. At least not fully.

I love the Desmond-Penny story. Something about how their love has gone beyond time and distance is very romantic.

What I don't understand is why Jack even looks like he thinks Daniel's plan to keep the Incident from happening is a good idea. Does he not realize that they were all heading for miserable (or more miserable) lives before they crashed on the Island?

Eloise seemed genuinely afraid that she doesn't know what's going to happen next. She's probably relied on her gift so much throughout her life that she feels a little bit lost (no pun intended) when it stops working properly. What I'd like to know is if she knew Daniel going to the Island meant she was going to end up shooting him, why did she push him to go anyway? Was he supposed to do something? Or the effects of his actions are supposed to have great ramifications?

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