Thursday, April 9, 2009

LOST S5ep12

Loved it! Loved it! Loved it!

I didn't realize Widmore was so long on the Island. I had assumed because of Penny that he left it at a fairly young age. Turns out he was secretly leaving it. Wonder what possessed him to do such a thing. Especially considering how much he seemed to enjoy being the Others' leader.

Now what does Ilana and the others from Flight 316 have to do with the story of this Island? Up until tonight they seemed a bit superfluous. Necessary for how our Losties got back to the Island but once back they didn't seem as needed. Though the way she was giving out orders and talking about taking Lapidus with them makes it seem like she actually has a mission. Perhaps she's another minion of Widmore?

Ben showed up bloody on the plane back to the Island because he went to kill Penny. So obvious that was. What was slightly surprising was that he didn't actually kill her.

Can anyone read what looks like Egyptian hieroglyphics? It appeared to obviously be about Mr. Smoky. But I couldn't understand what it was trying to say past that.

Has anyone watched BSG? Do you think Locke pulled a Starbuck and is more angel than human? Back with a specific purpose to lead the people to something? I think it's possible.

I wonder if Ben will actually, finally, stop trying to kill Locke. I had thought we were past all that, but the way Alex (aka Mr. Smoky) put the order for Ben to obey Locke made it seem like Locke is actually alive. So I guess I really don't know if Locke is angel or human.

It seems as if the Island didn't so much forgive Ben as it is using him. For what purpose, other than to help Locke, I'm not sure.

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