Thursday, April 2, 2009

LOST S5ep11

Not really any surprises in this episode. Right before Sawyer jumped from the helicopter at the end of last season, he whispered and asked Kate to take care of his daughter. That was a well-adopted theory.

Kate gave Aaron to Claire's mother before joining the rest on the plane back to the Island. Again, another widely-held theory.

What was interesting to learn was that Kate was heartbroken by Sawyer jumping out of that helicopter. That she took it - maybe subconsciously but still inferred from it - that he was leaving her.

That is not AT ALL what I got from that action. I saw it as a sacrifice Sawyer was willing to make so the rest of them could go home. For the greater good.

I don't know. Maybe I'm wrong.

And I'm really really hoping that Sawyer doesn't really believe what he told Kate about the two of them not working. Because at the end of all of this. It has to be the two of them.

I love love LOVE how the writers often use Hurley as a stand-in for the audience. At least those of us that don't geek out at the topic of time travel. So for those of us that were confused about the implications of Sayid shooting Ben and what those consequences would be for our time traveling friends, Hurley asked all those questions for us. The best part, naturally, was when he stumped Miles. Because Miles is just regurgitating everything Daniel told him. So where is Daniel with all of his time travel answers?

It is interesting to see Jack make this transition from a Man of Science. To a Man of Faith. He finally believes in his destiny and its connection to the Island. Or at least the possibility. What is probably most intriguing is how if Jack had agreed to help Juliet save Ben, Sawyer and Kate never would have gone to Richard. And Ben would never have become an Other. But Miles would probably tell me, he couldn't. Because what happened, happened. And Ben is an Other. And that can't be changed. So Jack had to say no.

Sawyer and Kate trekking through the jungle felt like early LOST. It's been a while since we've seen anyone tromp around in the jungle.

I hope they tell us what it is Richard did to save Ben. What it is that takes away his innocence and makes him the conniving, sneaky, tricky, lying, genocide-making Ben we know. The Other Ben.

The best, BEST, part of this episode was the very end. When Ben wakes up and sees Locke sitting right next to him. And he has that look on his face that says, "I thought I killed you. Fuck! Why won't you just die already? And stay dead?" Then Locke gets that little smile on his face. The one that says, "Don't you know already, that you can't kill me. You had your chance. It is my turn on this Island, and It is not going to let me die." BRILLIANT!

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