Monday, March 30, 2009

Oh Holy Shit...

So remember how last month I mentioned that DBF and I are moving in together?

Well about that time, we decided to look into the possible fact that maybe we could buy a house. We found a house. And last week made an offer. And they accepted our offer - after a few counteroffers to agree on a price. (OH HOLY SHIT!!)

We're having our inspection done this afternoon and hopefully will have a set close date in the next couple days. But regardless, as long as the inspection and financing go through, we'll have the house by the end of April. (HAVE I SAID OH HOLY SHIT YET?!)

This has all happened much faster than either of us anticipated. Especially when we realize that it wasn't that long ago we even decided to give it a try. It just makes way too much sense not to. So we are.

I don't have any pictures of the house yet. I know, I know... for shame! But as soon as I get some I'll put em up.


Michele said...

Oh holy shite is right, but you'll be fine. Living with a boy is hard work, but it's so fun when you settle into your routine.

Jenn said...

Post pictures!