Thursday, March 19, 2009

LOST S5ep9

So the people that were on the plane (obv except for Jack, Kate, Sayid and Hurley) are still in 2007. DBF guessed right a couple weeks ago when he suggested that. (Damn him for being right.) I don't understand how those four could travel back to 1977 fine but the rest of the plane's passengers were stuck in 2007. What's different about those four? Anyone have any theories?

When Kate and Juliet saw each other again, there was clearly so much being said that wasn't actually spoken. You could read it in their eyes. (What great acting! Just incredible!!) Juliet's starting to get territorial over Sawyer like Kate did over Jack when Juliet first came into their group. Interesting how they fought over Jack and now they'll be fighting over Sawyer. I wish someone would just tell them, Look there's two of them and two of you. That makes it easy and even. As long as Kate and Sawyer end up together.

Sawyer has seemed to step into the leader role almost effortlessly. I think it's his background in conning that's made him the clear leader as the group tried to merge into the Dharma Initiative. It's those skills that have kept their story accurate and believable to Dharma. He was right in his assessment of Jack's leadership style. Jack acted first and thought later. When he tried the argument that he got them off the Island, I was shouting at the TV that that clearly wasn't the best idea. Naturally, Jack didn't hear me, but Sawyer did remind Jack that he's now back where he started (thanks Sawyer!).

What was that security guy's name? The one that was in the last episode? Phil? Whatever his name is, didn't look like he really believed the whole story of Jack, Kate and Hurley. I wonder what his deal is.

Did you notice how Sawyer sidestepped Jack's question about Farraday? I suspect he is dead. Only how, I don't know. Maybe he killed himself because of his grief over Charlotte? DBF thinks he just left the Island. I don't think so. Though he was right about the time difference between Hurley, Kate, Jack & Sayid and the rest of the passengers. So who knows.

Ethan was born on the Island?! What implications does that have? Shit, I love this show.

And little Ben at the end of the episode really didn't come as much of a surprise. We've known since Season 3 that Ben and his dad came to the Island so Roger could work for the Dharma Initiative. And since our Losties have gone back to the 70s and also joined Dharma, it's an easy jump to reach the conclusion that they'll come into contact with young Ben. It will be interesting though to see how that all plays out.

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