Thursday, March 5, 2009

LOST S5ep8

Sigh. I heart Sawyer. I was yelling at the screen when he and Juliet were professing their love to each other. No! He's supposed to be with Kate. He LOVES Kate. NOT Juliet!!!!

And then again I was having trouble keeping my exasperation quiet when he was explaining to Horace that you can get over someone in 3 years. Not Sawyer. Not HIS feelings for Kate.

Of course, I was prepared for the pairing of Sawyer and Juliet. They were left behind together. They have needs. It was a clear course for the writers to take. But that didn't mean I wanted to see it actually play out.

And then Hurley and Jack got out of the van. The look on Sawyer's face was clearly one of hope and anticipation at seeing Kate. And when she stepped out from behind Hurley, I sighed. Because it's still there. You could see it in his eyes. HE LOVES HER. Now what's going to happen with Juliet I have no idea. Maybe she'll go back to Jack. Which would be fine by me. Sawyer and Kate. That's all I ask.

So clearly there's a time where babies can be had on the Island. What happens to make that impossible?

Saw the full four-toed statue. From behind. So we couldn't see what it actually it is. But still. It was there.

Just gotta say, Richard Alpert, that way he walked into the compound, total badass. He seems clueless recently every time he comes into contact with our Losties because of all the time travel. But total badass. He's probably got a lot of the answers we're looking for.

Didn't see Daniel in the 3 years later parts. Wonder if that means something happens to him when he tries to talk to little Charlotte.

Sigh. I heart Sawyer.

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